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Sam Bankman-Fried is making crucial legal maneuvers to secure a not-guilty verdict in his ongoing infamous fraud trial. His defense team, in what they deem to be a strategic move, has submitted a letter to the judge, making it clear that they are anticipating a not-guilty verdict.

What the Letter Says

The letter outlines the proposed jury instructions along with supporting authorities, focusing primarily on the interpretation of the Terms of Service. The defense team, led by Mark S. Cohen, has expressed their understanding of the court’s perspective, acknowledging that the legal meaning of the Terms of Service falls under the court’s jurisdiction.

They have presented this document for the court’s consideration, aiming to “aid in the judicial process.” By doing so, they are laying the groundwork for their anticipated not-guilty verdict, wanting to align the jury’s perception with their legal argument.

SBF’s Navigation of the Courtroom

Throughout the trial, Bankman-Fried has maintained a vague stance, often responding uncertainly and claiming a lack of recollection on critical matters. This approach became evident during a thorough cross-examination led by U.S. Assistant Attorney Danielle Sassoon, who sought to uncover potential discrepancies in his statements regarding the financial ties between his companies. Despite Sassoon’s persistent questioning and Bankman-Fried’s visible agitation, he remained steadfast in his elusive responses, avoiding any definitive admissions.

The courtroom atmosphere grew tense as Sassoon pressed on, dissecting Bankman-Fried’s previous public statements and comparing them to his responsibilities as FTX’s CEO. In the face of this relentless scrutiny, Judge Kaplan had to step in, urging Bankman-Fried to provide clear and direct answers. It remains to be seen what effect the letter SBF’s lawyers submitted will have on the trial’s outcome.

In any case, critics in the crypto community argue that this is a calculated attempt by Bankman-Fried’s defense to manipulate the narrative and guide the jury towards a specific interpretation of the Terms of Service It also brings into question the transparency and fairness of the legal proceedings.

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