Ripple and XRP Spotlighted in Terra Luna Trial's Legal Challenge

The ongoing legal battle between Ripple and XRP has found a new arena: the Terra Luna trial in Korea. This trial, with its focal point on security status concerns, is witnessing an intricate twist as prosecutors strategically incorporate the Ripple-XRP legal discourse to bolster their case.


Triggered by Ripple’s recent courtroom victory against a prominent U.S. financial regulatory body, under the adjudication of Judge Analisa Torres, the ripple effects of this triumph are now stretching far beyond the boundaries of their initial legal battle.

With the Terra LUNA trial underway, prosecutors have utilized Ripple’s recent legal achievement as a powerful lever for enhancing their arguments in an intricate Korean legal framework.

A Legal Dilemma in Terra Luna Trial in Korea

At the heart of the Terra LUNA trial in Korea lies the pressing question of whether the tokens in question should be classified as “securities.” 

Emerging from insider sources within the Seoul prosecutor’s office, it has been revealed that they’ve acquired a translated version of a U.S. court’s judgment concerning Ripple. This document distinctly states that although XRP itself wasn’t classified as a security, its characterization shifted when sold to institutional investors.

This nuanced contrast forms the crux of a calculated strategy to challenge the parallel contention that Luna Coin, akin to XRP, stands exempt from the security classification within the ambit of Korean legal paradigms.

Further, Deputy Chief Prosecutor Dan Sung elaborated on this strategic thrust, emphasizing that the U.S. court’s discernment of XRP’s subtle status echoes beyond, creating a widened lens for the understanding of what constitutes securities. This shift disrupts any assumptions that might have shielded Luna Coin from similar regulatory scrutiny within the contours of Korean law.

U.S. Court Ruling Echoes in Korean Crypto Legal Battle

In a legal turn of events with far-reaching implications, Ripple’s partial victory against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has cast its shadow over the ongoing Terra LUNA trial.

On July 13th, Judge Analisa Torres of the Southern District Court of New York rendered a significant ruling that struck at the heart of Ripple’s legal tussle with the SEC. This pivotal ruling rejected the classification of XRP as an “investment contract.” Now, this very ruling has taken center stage in the Terra LUNA trial, casting a spotlight on its significance.

Dan Sung elaborated, “Luna Coin’s unique commitment to profit sharing sets it apart from Ripple, possibly leading to its reclassification as a security.”

As the intricate Terra Luna trial continues to unravel, the ongoing Ripple and XRP saga surfaces as a pivotal force, significantly shaping the discourse around cryptocurrency security. 

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