Radix (XRD) Soars 18% On Heels Of Milestone RCnet Success

Radix has kicked off 2023 with an impressive performance, as evidenced by XRD’s recent surge that conspicuously stood out atop the cryptocurrency charts. This surge can be attributed to the rollout of Babylon RCnet, which is Radix’s latest milestone release, incorporating novel features and capabilities for both developers and users. 

Specifically geared towards developers and early adopters, RCnet offers a robust set of front-end tools and standards, as well as a Core API that is poised to entice even the most seasoned exchanges. 

With these exciting developments in mind, the question remains: what does the future hold for XRD, and can it sustain its upward trajectory?

Radix (XRD): Impressive Resilience With Notable Price Surges

The latest market data reveals that XRD has been on an impressive upward trajectory. Currently priced at $0.04800389 on Coingecko, XRD has rallied by 2.5% over the past 24 hours and an impressive 18.4% over the last seven days, exceeding its average price of $0.040893591 for the past month of trading. 

In addition to these remarkable price movements, Radix’s recent trading history also shows a strong short-term technical score, driven by bullish signals that further support the coin’s short-term potential. 

Radix’s (XRD) continues to demonstrate impressive resilience in the volatile crypto market, with its notable price surges and overall positive sentiment among traders.

Traders React Positively To Radix Roadmap Milestones

December was a momentous month for Radix, as it marked the launch of the highly-anticipated Babylon Betanet. This development served as an ideal launchpad, paving the way for an exciting start to 2023. 

Fast forward to January, and the news just kept getting better: XRD became readily available for purchase through debit or credit card transactions via Switchere. As if that wasn’t enough, Radix followed up with the launch of the Radix Grant Program – a major milestone for the ecosystem in the run-up to the much-anticipated smart contract launch. 

Radix Q1 2023 Output Hints At Bullish Trajectory For XRD

With six promising projects accepted onto the 12-week program, the Radix ecosystem is poised to receive a significant boost that could prove to be immensely valuable in the long run.

As the calendar flipped to February, the Radix team hit the ground running, not only to get the grant program projects up and running but also to participate in the Scrypto DeFi Challenge. With Scrypto as the native language for Radix developers, they had the opportunity to compete for a slice of the $50,000 prize pool.

XRDUSD pair currently trading at $0.04851 on the weekend chart at TradingView.com

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Below is the early version of the transaction review in the latest iOS Wallet preview build; it’s a step towards the mainstream-ready wallet vision shown at #RadFi

Get a taste of the future with insights into account activity, badges, & app interactions pic.twitter.com/tS6AAJgAGf

— Radix – Radically Different DeFi (@radixdlt) April 4, 2023

And just in time to wrap up the quarter, the Babylon RCnet officially went live. This was a significant milestone, as the 8,000 developers who have used Scrypto can now experiment with a core API for exchanges, more robust front-ends, and other exciting features.

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