Mastercard is Seeking Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Experts

Mastercard Incorporated, the United States based cosmopolitan financial services company with its headquarters in New York, is hunting for around 28 cryptocurrency and blockchain professionals in order to help strengthen its team within the distributed ledger technology (DLT) field. They are ready to hire a wide range of blockchain experts including many senior roles, as the corporation are proposing to be intense on creating digital asset and wallet products. Mastercard deals in services such as offering credit, prepaid and debit card payment services to its massive clients in over 26,000 financial institutions globally.

The company recently posted these jobs on its official website for all interested and qualified people to apply. Among the jobs that were listed include: a senior DLT engineer and engineering lead; director of payments platform and networks; vice president (VP) of network technology product management (mgt); director of product mgt for cryptoasset and wallets; director for product dev’t and innovation; VP for product mgt; senior analyst for strategic program mgt, etc.

As per their job description, the director of product mgt for cryptoasset and wallets, is required to “lead the ideation, definition, design, and dev’t of inventive digital asset solutions, such as wallet solutions” and the applicants should have enough know-how in this particular area.   

Healthy Competition Between Payment Giants   

After the recruitment process is complete, the team is expected to advocate and promote blockchain and cryptocurrency concepts within the world’s payments bull Mastercard. The description for directors and VP slots, says that they have to launch shared vision within Mastercard by swaying as well as generating harmony amongst different stakeholders and other participants.   

Remember, Mastercard is one of the members of Libra Association, a consortium behind the roll out of Libra, a cryptocurrency privately owned by Facebook. The social networking giant is also busy recruiting blockchain and cryptocurrency professionals to work on its native wallet called Calibra and the company will allow free race of wallets within the Libra cycle. Albeit, potential competitors of Mastercard including Visa, PayPal, etc. are not sleeping – they are also busy exploring the potential of blockchain and digital currencies.

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