Margin Trading at Tipitek: Is it worth considering?

Tipitek is already known for its multi-functionality and security, as well as its stable and high speed. Cryptoves LLP values the trust of exchange users, so it strives to meet all their expectations and satisfy their requirements.

Tipitek, as the leading company in this industry, enables margin trading. Tipitek clients can now increase their income several times over with margin trading.

What is margin trading?

Margin trading, or trading with leverage, implies that an investor conducts transactions using borrowed funds borrowed from a broker as collateral. Borrowed funds allow a client to earn several times more than usual. The loan amount is usually called a margin.

Margin trading is available on many cryptocurrency platforms and differs only in the amount of leverage and availability.

What does margin trading at Tipitek entail?

Tipitek clients can now take advantage of leverage, which will allow them to increase their income from 1:5 to 1:20. Not only will they now be able to leverage their personal funds, but they will also have access to more funds.

The Cryptoves LLP team has made a lot of effort to ensure that only modern and proven developments for margin trading are involved in the new division.

What are the special features of working with Tipitek?

Of course, the world of digital assets does not stand still, so it is difficult to keep up with it. Very few are able to keep up with the times and closely follow all the developments in this sphere. Starting from day one, the Cryptoves LLP team has been working hard to ensure that Tipitek does not lag behind the leading companies in its development. Among the main features of their product they highlight:

  • the ability to set dynamic alerts that help to track price fluctuations;
  • possibility to set recurring purchases;
  • the ability to set a list of specific addresses to which withdrawals will be available;
  • The ability to track the history of all transactions;
  • The ability to download an account statement.

As we can see, Cryptoves LLP continues to take care of its clients by providing them with more and more new solutions, as well as by expanding the functionality and a number of trading tools on Tipitek. With margin trading at Tipitek you get a great opportunity to increase your potential profit by 5 or even 20 times.