LBank Exchange Lists Global Trading Xenocurrency (GTX)

On June 27, 2022, Global Trading Xenocurrency (GTX), a platform for trading digital assets globally, will be listed on LBank Exchange. The GTX/USDT trading pair will become formally accessible to all LBank Exchange customers at 16:00 (UTC+8) on June 27, 2022.

Global Trading Xenocurrency (GTX) holds a dominant position in the global market by integrating products through mergers and acquisitions and offering services like the right of business, indicators system, and more. As a global firm, GTX seeks to buy and integrate businesses that have future worth. On June 27, 2022, at 16:00 (UTC+8), its native token GTX will be published on LBank Exchange, furthering its global reach and assisting it in realizing its objective.

Introducing Global Xenocurrency Trading

Global Trading Xenocurrency (GTX), a company that was founded in 2019, has evolved into one that works with multiple businesses not just in Korea but also throughout the world and acts as a link between operators and members.

By thoroughly managing the necessary money and new clients through the centralized system, GTX assists new businesses in making their operations simpler and more accurate. It also creates a smoother and more perfect market for customers to acquire a variety of goods.

The GTX token will grow the ecosystem through mergers and acquisitions of potential enterprises rather than starting a new business and running it. This is due to the fact that combining products from companies with promise allows for the creation of synergy, which increases success while lowering risk for the business. Beyond national borders, it will buy and merge businesses that have the ability to complement every nation’s culture and policies globally.

Additionally, GTX offers various benefits and supports to all of the company’s members through the membership system, including mobile phones, Internet + IPTV, rental shopping malls, beauty and diet shops, I-bot, a system for people to trade with a signature of the price trend of all coins, and it works to foster open communication and a welcoming environment between all operators and clients.

In GTX, there is also an indicators system and a right of the business system. By determining the price of the coin paid for the product, the indicator system enables consumers to profit from buying a product whether the price of the coin increases or decreases. With an indication system, the drawbacks of coins with significant fluctuations can be eliminated.

Members who purchase a single business license at an indication value can use it for the rest of their lives to make purchases at a discounted price and use the right of business to generate income from their sales operations. Additionally, GTX will keep growing its business rights, which will continue to be advantageous to both current and potential members.

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