GameFi Evolution: MetaTrace Quest Surpasses 800,000 Users and Looks Ahead

In just over a month since its launch, MetaTrace Quest, the innovative play-and-earn platform, has reached a remarkable milestone by attracting over 800,000 registered users and heading to 1 million.

Recent developments have further solidified MetaTrace Quest’s standing as a frontrunner in the GameFi space. The introduction of the MetaTrace Quest web application on Google Play, coupled with support for five additional languages, demonstrates the platform’s commitment to enhancing user accessibility and engagement.

And on top of that, truly tempting prize fund: in the second season it amounted to $200,000.

MetaTrace Quest provides an immersive gateway into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, offering an exciting opportunity for users to explore the potential of these emerging technologies. TraceWallets serve as secure repositories for NFTs, forging a tangible connection between users and the broader blockchain ecosystem.

MetaTrace represents a whole user-friendly web3 ecosystem for everyone. In just 1.5 years of project development, they’ve designed an entire infrastructure of interconnected web3 products:

MetaTrace – the world’s first GameFi app with a “Free to Play&Earn” model on a real map.

TraceMarket – a marketplace for buying and selling NFTs on MetaTrace.

TraceWallet – a fast wallet for storing and managing your tokens.

Trace ID – a profile that simplifies interaction within the ecosystem.

MetaTrace Quest – a social-fi platform for completing tasks and expanding the community.

On September 7, 2023, MetaTrace’s native $TRC token was officially listed on the MEXC exchange, a prominent player in the crypto trading arena. This listing represents a substantial leap toward democratizing access to $TRC tokens, providing users with myriad opportunities to immerse themselves in this distinctive GameFi ecosystem. It underscores the remarkable strides MetaTrace has made in just one year and further cements its growing stature within the cryptocurrency industry.

The series of listings continued with the second listing on the Bitmart platform, which occurred on October 5th.

In conclusion, MetaTrace Quest stands as a trailblazing force in the GameFi landscape, with its rapid growth and innovative features captivating both gaming and cryptocurrency communities. As the platform continues to evolve and broaden its horizons, it promises to redefine the gaming experience and foster a deeper appreciation for the boundless possibilities of blockchain technology.

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