Crypto Conference ETH Denver Occurred in Early March

The second largest blockchain and digital currency conference – known as ETH Denver – occurred in early March of this year in the Centennial State, aka Colorado, at the National Western.

ETH Denver Was a Major Hit

Among the entrepreneurial speakers present at the event were “Vinny Crypto” and “Matt” with On Chain Records. In an interview, Vinny explained what he and his team sought to accomplish with their work. He said:

We make physical records, and you have your NFC chip made by Conlan right inside there so you can upload your digital content as an artist, musician, any sort of audio that you want on there so we add the physical digital bridge [to] your digital physical record.

Both of these individuals went to ETH Denver not so much to be featured or discuss their business with others, but to learn. Vinny says that the event is a haven for all kinds of creative ideas and people, and there is much to be garnered from being in attendance. He said:

Definitely ideas like definitely seeing who’s making love meeting the builders meeting people that are actually creating it, too.

One of the big clinchers of the event is the builder room attendees have access to. The idea is to have a private place to work and establish new ideas and products devoted to blockchain and digital assets. It also attracts talks amongst users and everyone there. They can blow off steam, collaborate, and discuss all the things that are consistently on their minds.

In addition, Vinny and his partner are also using the room to scout out potential partnerships and help other professionals grow. He said:

You’re online for however long working with someone, but it takes an extra step that extra human contact to help really, you know, have your communication go to that next level.

His buddy Matt also threw his two cents into the mix, stating that Denver is arguably a great place for action like this. He said:

Denver, you know, people come from all around the world, and I think it’s a place to just all get together in IRL (in real life).

The City Has a Lot to Offer

Right now, the city is a growing tech hub and is offering much to the rest of the country through this developing industry. The event in question also ties in well with Ethereum given it’s a popular and powerful digital currency network, not just a currency.

There are many developers that have been attracted to ETH given its smart contract capabilities, thus presenting many options and benefits to those who wish to build their applications and products atop the network. As Ethereum has brought so many developers into the mix, ETH Denver is also an attractor to several crypto names and companies.

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