Brad Garlinghouse: Ripple is Hiring for Hundreds of Roles, But we Have a ‘No A**holes’ Policy


  • Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, has announced that the company is currently hiring despite the ongoing crypto winter.
  • Mr. Garlinghouse also cautioned that Ripple has a ‘No A**holes’ policy.
  • Ripple will be conducting a recruitment event in Toronto, Canada, on June 23rd.

Brad Garlinhouse, the CEO of the remittance-focused company of Ripple, has announced that the company is looking to hire new staff despite the ongoing crypto bear market that has seen some crypto-based organizations reduce the size of their workforce or close shop completely.

According to Mr. Garlinghouse, Ripple is ‘hiring for hundreds of roles around the globe – both in-person and remote.’ He however warned that Ripple has a ‘no a**holes’ policy as it looks to have a favorable culture within its organization. He shared Ripple’s hiring activity through the following tweet.

Ripple is hiring for hundreds of roles around the globe – both in person and remote. Fair warning – we have a “no assholes” policy here. If that’s the kind of culture you’re looking for, apply here

— Brad Garlinghouse (@bgarlinghouse) June 16, 2022

Ripple Has a Recruiting Event in Toronto, Canada.

Mr. Garlinghouse’s Tweet complemented another tweet by the team at Ripple, which announced that the company would be carrying out a recruitment drive in Toronto, Canada, on the 23rd of this month.

The recruitment event, dubbed ‘The Ripple Effect x Toronto Engineering’, aims to expand the company’s reach in Canada by ‘[bringing] together the brightest minds in the city to build something transformative and leave a lasting impact for future generations.’

Kraken CEO Emphasizes the Need for A Conducive Work Culture.

Circling back at Brad Garlinghouse’s warning that Ripple has a ‘no a**holes’ policy, Kraken’s CEO, Jesse Powell, had yesterday Tweeted along the same lines regarding the crypto exchange’s work culture.

According to Mr. Powell, out of its 3,200 staff members, 20 people seem not to be aligned with Kraken’s culture. He further pointed out that the 20 employees could potentially affect the productivity of the rest.

He further highlighted the following reasons why some employees were upset with Kraken.

What are they upset about?

* DEI (Silicon Valley’s version)

* pronouns, whether someone can identify as a different race and be allowed to use the N-word

* whether differences in human sex exist at all

* being respected and unoffended

* being “harmed” by “violent” words


He explained that it resulted from fast hiring without an emphasis on culture and finding out if each potential new hire would fit in the organization. He added:

Great talent, bad fit. When things were rosy, everybody got along. When things started to look grim, sensitivities and the misalignment came through.

People focused on minor slights, first world problems rather than our really big, important Mission to help billions of people.

He also pointed out that Kraken’s policies might not appease woke activists, but they work for 99% of the world. Mr. Powell encouraged anyone who felt like Kraken would be in line with their ideas to apply for the current job openings and ‘Join the Revolution.’

11/11 We’re going to keep building and hopefully do a better job of filtering up front. I think we’ve developed some really thoughtful policies that might not appease woke activists but work for the other 99% of the world. If that sounds nice, check out:

— Jesse Powell (@jespow) June 15, 2022

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