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  • Charles Edwards predicts a potential 400% bull run for Bitcoin.

  • The Bitcoin Macro Index is a model that combines over 40 metrics to measure Bitcoin’s overall health.

  • The ‘Expansion’ phase has only occurred twice before and was followed by significant price rallies.

Charles Edwards, the brains behind Capriole Investments, is causing a stir in the crypto world with a bold prediction. His analysis of the Bitcoin Macro Index indicates an upcoming ‘expansion,’ signaling a potential surge similar to the historic 400% bull run.

Let’s explore Edwards’ insights and the indicators behind his optimistic outlook.

Decoding the ‘Expansion’ Signal

Charles Edwards, known for his sharp market insights, directs our attention to the Bitcoin Macro Index. This indicator, designed to measure Bitcoin’s overall health, is currently showing signs of ‘expansion.’

Edwards suggests this could be a precursor to a remarkable surge in value, echoing the sentiments of the historic 400% bull run. Meanwhile, in recent times Bitcoin has showcased resilience, with a surge from $34,000 to $38,000, followed by a correction to around $36,500. 

Charles Edwards considers this movement a crucial technical victory, emphasizing the significance of Bitcoin overcoming and holding above major resistance levels, particularly $35,000 on both weekly and monthly timeframes.

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Technical Analysis

This consolidation above key resistance levels sets a bullish context in high-timeframe technical analysis. Edwards notes that the recent breakout into the 2021 range offers the most promising high-timeframe technical setup seen in years. 

If $35,000 holds on a weekly and monthly basis in November, Edwards anticipates the next substantial resistance within the range of $58,000 to $65,000.

Bitcoin Macro Index: Shifts Noted

Edwards’ market update focuses on the shift in the Bitcoin Macro Index, a model combining over 40 metrics, including on-chain data, macro market indicators, and equity market influences.

This shift to ‘Expansion’ is a rare event, occurring only the third time since the index’s inception. Historical data suggests that such shifts are linked to significant price rallies.

Looking back, during the last bull run, the Bitcoin chart showed a remarkable 400% surge when the Macro Index entered the expansion phase. The first signal in November 2016 led to a massive bull run of almost 2,600%, culminating in Bitcoin’s then-all-time high of $20,000 in February 2018.

But Wait… Caution Recommended!

Edwards presents a mixed short-term outlook, pointing to indications of overheating in derivative markets. The newly introduced ‘Bitcoin Heater’ metric, combining various derivatives market data, signals a potential retracement based on market risk indicators. Edwards, while acknowledging exceptions to historical norms, remains cautious about possible corrections or consolidations.

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As the Bitcoin Macro Index enters the ‘Expansion’ phase, the crypto community eagerly awaits to see if history will repeat itself with a potential 400% bull run surge. Charles Edwards’ predictions have sparked excitement among crypto enthusiasts, with all eyes on the charts for the unfolding of the next chapter in Bitcoin’s journey.

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