BetFury Celebrates 1st Anniversary Of BFG Token Listing

BFG is a  unique iGaming token. Mining while playing has become a hallmark for this asset and the BetFury platform in general. The BetFury team can be proud of what they’ve accomplished with BFG this year outside of gaming: listings on top exchanges, integration into external resources, participation in NFT staking and more. Let’s dwell on the key achievements since BFG became a traded asset exactly one year ago!


Name: BFG Token
Ticker: BFG
Chain: BSC (BEP-20)
Wallets: Binance Wallet, MetaMask, Coin98, ONTO, TrustWallet, iToken Wallet, Coinhub
Price: $0,015 
Smart Contract address:

Ready, steady … listing!

The long-awaited listing took place on the 16th of June, 2021, on the partner’s exchange Biswap. Being listed on one of the promising DEXes, the BFG token extended the set of usage opportunities and empowered its investment and trading capabilities. The interest in trading was so great that the BetFury team could not fully process all transaction requests ?. So, BFG took its place among hundreds of other cool projects on BSC. 

BetFury’s Awesome Partners

From the first days of BFG as a public trading asset, BetFury started working on new listings and partnerships. It was very important not to lose the interest of the audience and to introduce a gaming token that had real value. Soon the exchange partners became ApeSwap, Hotbit, Cointiger, BabySwap, Coinsbit, Bogged Finance and others. They have held about a dozen of trading competitions on partner exchanges this year. 

BetFury has also done a lot of work on adding BFG tokens to various wallets so that users with different devices and interests can easily use it. Recently the BFG token was added to the iToken wallet! The team is very proud that trust in BetFury & BFG is growing and hard work on their reputation allows them to make partnerships with such market giants. 

You can follow BFG token on such reviewers as CryptoRank, Dexguru, LunarCrush,, BubbleMaps, Vulkania, CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Bogged Finance, Chainplay

BFG Key Metrics 

  • 1Y price high: $0.068
  • 24h volume high: $3 432 893
  • Total circulation: 2 795 935 388 BFG
  • Total burnt amount: 1 544 818 562 BFG
  • Market Cap: $34,741,733
  • Holders: 57,195 addresses

Why is BFG a Promising Token?

It should be noted that the emission of BFG tokens is limited to 5 000 000 000 BFG max supply. Mining during the game has already become one of the main utilities, but soon BFG tokens can only be purchased. At the moment, 4 341 867 087 BFG have been already mined. It is still possible to get tokens in farming with 57% APR. 

Of course, the main advantage of owning BFG tokens is participation in Staking on BetFury with up to 85% APR. The more tokens you hold – the greater is your daily multicurrency income. No one iGaming platform has ever offered such a simple and fun way to earn money. Today over 90K users are participating in Staking on BetFury. It is worth noting that about 140 users have accumulated more than a 1 million BFG on their accounts! 

What will happen next with BFG is easy to predict because the opportunity to get tokens while playing or farming will become unavailable. Together with the burning mechanism, this will increase demand for the asset. Don’t say we didn’t warn you ?

What to expect in the near future for BFG?

Partnerships with other Defi and Gamefi projects and possibly entering a new network remain one of the main priorities. BetFury would also like to develop more in-platform utilities for BFG. In addition, users have been asking for a token-burning game, so the production department is already thinking on how to please gamers. The team would also like to see more listings on various exchanges, so they are working hard to obtain the necessary documents and legal opinions in order to make it possible. 

BFG is at the beginning of its journey now, so the success depends on the trust of the community. To the moon ?

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