Walmart+ Adds InHome Delivery Service As Option

Retail major Walmart’s popular InHome direct-to-fridge delivery service is now available as an optional add-on within its membership plan Walmart+.

Walmart also launched InHome service, which delivers groceries straight to one’s fridge, in several new markets including Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Dallas, Austin, San Jose and San Francisco.

The combination of Walmart+ and InHome, which were previously two standalone memberships, started Wednesday. Millions of new and existing members across the United States now will get all delivery capabilities in a single, streamlined experience.

They can choose the membership plan based on the type of delivery service they want, whether signing up for a 30-day Walmart+ trial, purchasing their membership, or opting to “Plus Up” to InHome delivery.

Walmart+ members of $12.95 a month/$98 a year program can now add unlimited fee-free and tip-free InHome delivery for an extra $7 a month or $40 per year. That is $138 annually for both, $10 less than previous annual pricing when Walmart+ and InHome were separate memberships.

New customers who sign up for both services also get to enjoy the lower rate of the combined programs.

Chris Cracchiolo, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Walmart+, said, “Our members want options and a shopping experience that is easy to navigate and accommodates their individual needs, while saving them time and money—this is true now more than ever.”

Walmart’s InHome delivery service, which was launched in 2019, uses highly trained associates to deliver fresh groceries and everyday essentials to customers’ doorsteps or directly into their refrigerators, as well as to pick up returns.

In January, Walmart announced its plans to expand InHome delivery service to 30 million U.S. households by the end of 2022 from the then availability to 6 million households.

Walmart now noted that its eCommerce sales grew 38% over the last two years. The retailer is ramping up delivery slot capacity by 35% this year to meet growing demand and continues to expand to new markets.

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