SAG-AFTRA Making Moves To Enlist More Online Content Creators – Report

Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, SAG-AFTRA’s national executive director and chief negotiator, told the Washington Post that the guild is working to use the strike to recruit more online creators into its ranks.

Crabtree-Ireland said the move to attract the creators is being done for this walkout and potential future labor disputes with technology companies, including Apple and Amazon, which straddle traditional entertainment and the creator economy.

SAG-AFTRA first allowed creators to join in 2021 through what was called the “influencer agreement.”

The union recently told creators that they should reject any work promoting “struck” companies or content. Any nonunion influencers who work during the strike for a targeted company will not be admitted as members later on, it added.

The WaPo story indicated It’s unclear how many influencers have joined the union so far.

“The talent and skill that’s required to be successful as a content creator is greater than ever,” Crabtree-Ireland said in an interview. “Whether people are consuming content in more traditional forms or in newer formats, the key is that unique element of human creativity. Each [creative] is doing something special, whether it’s distributed by YouTube, TikTok, Reels or in a movie.”

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