A3 Artists Agency Hires Valarie Phillips As Partner & Co-Head Of Motion Pictures Literary Division

A3 Artists Agency has hired veteran agent Valarie Phillips as partner and co-head of the firm’s Motion Pictures Literary Division.

Phillips will co-run the Motion Pictures Literary Division alongside Adam Kanter who was named Partner and Co-Head of Motion Pictures earlier this summer when he was hired together with A3’s new Partner and Co-Head of the Television Literary Division, Andy Patman.

In addition, A3 Artists has tapped Martin Spencer as Agent in the Motion Pictures Literary Division, and Antoni Kaczmarek and Kasey Muraszko as Agents in the Television Literary Division.

Phillips, Spencer, Kaczmarek and Muraszko will be based out of Los Angeles.

“Since signing the WGA code of conduct nearly a year ago, A3 has remained committed to building a world-class literary team that reflects the philosophy of the agency: putting the client first,” said A3 CEO Robert Attermann in a statement today. “From the rebranding and to launching and revamping of divisions, we’ve managed to fit the puzzle pieces together to set the foundation of a leading agency. With Valarie at the helm to help lead our literary team, A3 continues to grow and operate as the premier full-service talent and literary agency we set out to be.”

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Phillips is a two-decade vet in the agency business, having led motion pictures literary teams and represented some of the industry’s top writers and directors. As an advocate for women in the entertainment industry, she has mentored many young women in the business, worked as a mentor to high school students, and has worked alongside many female writers and directors.

“I couldn’t be more excited about A3 and its trajectory in the industry,” said Phillips. “While many agencies are unfortunately suffering through these horrible days of the pandemic, A3 is continuing to grow and build in a smart and authentic way. I’m thrilled to be working with Robert Attermann, Brian Cho, and Adam Bold, and to be reunited with my friends and trusted former colleagues Andy Patman and Adam Kanter. A3 is a tremendous agency with a vision and I couldn’t be more proud to be part of its very bright future.”

Spencer comes to A3 from Paradigm where he worked as a literary agent. Prior to that, he spent 27 years at CAA where he started his career in the mailroom. He worked his way up to agent representing writers and directors and putting together such films and television projects as Mr. And Mrs. Smith, Paranormal Activity, Captain America, The Mighty Ducks, Sense8, Kingsman, Kick Ass, The Devil Inside, and Changeling.

Kaczmarek arrives to A3 also from Paradigm where he worked as a literary agent. While at Paradigm, Kaczmarek set up several European and Northeast Asian formats, as well as original development and IP, across cable, broadcast, and streaming networks. Before Paradigm, Kaczmarek worked in current and development programming at FX Networks, ICM Partners, and Paul Alan Smith’s ESA.

Muraszko began her entertainment career at Paradigm in 2015. Over the course of her 5-year tenure at Paradigm, she worked across the TV Literary, Talent, and Crossover divisions, while ascending from assistant to agent in the TV Literary department. Muraszko has a strong affinity for working with emerging writers and playwrights and has a goal and passion to amplify, champion, and empower artistic voices who are members of underrepresented and underserved groups.

A3 signed the WGA code of conduct in November of 2019.


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