White Rock Expands Green Crypto Mining Operations To The US

Swiss crypto miner White Rock Management is set to expand its operations to the United States by launching its first U.S. bitcoin mining operation in Texas’ Brazos Valley region. The energy independent facility will be powered through by-product natural gas from active oil wells located onsite in north of Huston.

“The Brazos Valley mine is the first of several grid independent facilities we are planning in Texas that will utilize by-product natural gas from active oil wells, turning waste into a reliable, non-grid energy source,” said Andy Long, CEO of White Rock Management.

White Rock is partnering with green energy services and technology company NGON to capture the gas through environmentally friendly mitigation services and divert the energy to produce bitcoin.

The capturing and recycling of natural gas into energy saves grid power from burning fossil fuels. The utilizing of gas that would otherwise been flared into the atmosphere recycles approximately 82 million cubic feet of natural gas per megawatt.

White Rock’s operation also prevents an estimated 4 million cubic feet per megawatt of environmentally harmful methane from being vented annually into the atmosphere from inefficient flares.

White Rock is focused on building and operating modern facilities in reliable geographies around the world. Its bitcoin mines feature the newest generation ASIC chips supplied by partner and industry leader Bitmain, which will increase productivity and profitability for the Company.

The new facility in Texas also cements White Rock’s commitment to environmentally responsible bitcoin mining. It already has modern and green data center sites in Sweden featuring 30 MW of total capacity.

With the launch of its operations in the U.S., White Rock’s total hashrate is scheduled to exceed 1.6 EH/s.

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