Twitter Shows Support For Bitcoin and Ether, Adds Price Indexes To Search

  • Social media giant Twitter adds price indexes to stocks and other top financial assets.
  • BTC and ETH make the list of cryptocurrencies added to the search feature; however, DOGE was surprisingly left out.
  • Crypto enthusiasts laud Elon Musk and his team for the new feature saying digital assets are now getting required recognition.

Virtual assets have recorded gains this year in terms of recognition from top companies showing signs of more adoption from the centralized and the corporate world.

Twitter has rolled out a new feature to enable users to view top financial assets’ prices and related data compromising stocks and cryptocurrencies. The new $Cashtags improvement works with users imputing the full name of assets or tickers in the search icon.

While the feature supports a wide range of stocks, it currently has room for only two digital assets, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). BTC and ETH are the largest cryptocurrencies by market cap and popularity and it is no surprise that they are the first digital assets to be incorporated in the $Cashtags feature.

The feature left out Elon Musk’s backed Dogecoin (DOGE), which was a huge disappointment to DOGE fans who believed their asset to take the center stage on Twitter activities.

Twitter Business account, which announced the update, later added that the feature which lets users see real-time charts and data will be expanded to improve user experience “in the coming weeks.”

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has hailed the announcement, stating it is “one of many product improvements coming to financial Twitter.”

A closer review of the feature shows that variations of ETH and BTC like ‘BTC price’, ‘$Bitcoin price’ and ‘$Eth price’ will also pop up the price charts and data.

The charts used in the feature are provided by TradingView and Robinhood in real-time.

Crypto has a friend on Twitter

Crypto users see Twitter as one of their biggest allies, and the reason for this is not far-fetched. Since the Musk acquisition in October, Twitter has become more Twitter-friendly, with users anticipating more crypto-enabled use cases.

This month, Musk gave Twitter users a glimpse of the proposed Twitter 2.0, which among other things, will incorporate cryptocurrency payments to the delight of users. As Twitter continues to be crypto-friendly, rumours have clouded crypto spaces of a “Twitter Coin” to be launched by the platform.

Musk continues to be invested in digital assets, particularly DOGE leading to the nosedive the asset faced following the poll results for Musk to step aside as CEO.

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