Tuur Demeester on Bitcoin: Valuation, Macro Trends, and Nation State Adoption

In a detailed social media thread on X (formerly known as Twitter), Tuur Demeester, a prominent crypto analyst and researcher, shared his thoughts on a Bitcoin report (“How to Position for the Bitcoin Boom”) his firm, Adamant Research, published back in April 2023, in particular reviewing their analysis and recommendations.

In his thread, Demeester provided an in-depth analysis of Bitcoin’s current status and future trajectory, touching upon its undervalued status, macroeconomic tailwinds, and nation-state adoption.

Why Bitcoin Is Undervalued

  • Demeester suggests Bitcoin is currently undervalued when considering its role as a long-term Store of Value. This perspective is underpinned by the macroeconomic environment where traditional financial instruments like bonds are in a bearish cycle, and inflation is making a comeback.
  • His viewpoint implies that the market has yet to fully recognize Bitcoin’s potential as a hedge against economic instability and inflationary pressures, marking it as undervalued.

Macro Tailwinds Bolstering Bitcoin

  • The thread discusses how current macroeconomic trends, such as the resurgence of inflation and the bearish turn in bond markets, are creating favorable conditions for Bitcoin’s growth.
  • Demeester highlights the economic over-indebtedness globally, which he believes will lead to a shift in spending towards basic economic needs and a flight to real stores of value, benefiting Bitcoin.

Nation-State Adoption of Bitcoin

  • Expanding on nation-state adoption, Demeester predicts a stealthy yet continuous incorporation of Bitcoin into national financial strategies. This includes central banks potentially using Bitcoin to strengthen their balance sheets, signaling a growing recognition at the governmental level of Bitcoin’s utility and value.

Investment Strategies in Bitcoin

  • Demeester provides advice for investing in Bitcoin, weighing the merits of lump-sum investing against dollar-cost averaging, and suggesting allocation strategies ranging from a conservative hedge to a more aggressive retirement strategy.

Bitcoin Custody and Security

  • He also looks at the complexities of Bitcoin custody, discussing the trade-offs between single private key storage, multi-signature self-custody, third-party custodians, and his advocated approach of Collaborative Custody, which balances security with control.

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