Markets Digest Sticky U.S. Inflation, Potential China Deflation

Markets remain in dilemma amidst data showing persistent rise in prices in the U.S. and indications of a potential deflation in China. The mixed inflation readings from the U.S. and China dominated market sentiment ahead of the Bank of England’s interest rate decision and the release of producer price inflation readings from the U.S. on Thursday.

European benchmarks are trading higher. Wall Street Futures are trading in the green zone. Asian stocks finished trading on a mostly negative note amidst China’s deepening deflation worries.

Dollar gained as prices continued to rise in the U.S., lifting the Dollar Index. Bond yields moved mixed. Crude oil prices rebounded amidst a higher-than-expected fall in gasoline inventories in the U.S. Gold declined amidst sticky inflation readings from the U.S. Cryptocurrencies mostly edged lower.

Here is a snapshot of the world markets at this hour across stocks, currencies, bonds, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

Stock Indexes:

DJIA (US30) at 33,573.10, up 0.12%
S&P 500 (US500) at 4,151.90, up 0.34%
Germany’s DAX at 15,934.15, up 0.24%
U.K.’s FTSE 100 at 7,754.15, up 0.17%
France’s CAC 40 at 7,410.46, up 0.67%
Euro Stoxx 50 at 4,329.65, up 0.53%
Japan’s Nikkei 225 at 29,126.72, up 0.02%
Australia’s S&P ASX 200 at 7,251.90, down 0.05%
China’s Shanghai Composite at 3,309.55, down 0.29%
Hong Kong’s Hang Seng at 19,743.79, down 0.09%


EUR/USD at 1.0930, down 0.45%
GBP/USD at 1.2585, down 0.31%
USD/JPY at 134.81, up 0.35%
AUD/USD at 0.6734, down 0.65%
USD/CAD at 1.3405, up 0.26%
Dollar Index at 101.86, up 0.38%

Ten-Year Govt Bond Yields:

U.S. at 3.434%, down 0.04%
Germany at 2.2955%, up 0.02%
France at 2.872%, down 0.35%
U.K. at 3.8290%, up 0.74%
Japan at 0.387%, down 0.90%


Brent Oil Futures (Jul) at $77.28, up 1.14%
Crude Oil WTI Futures (Jun) at $73.36, up 1.10%
Gold Futures (Jun) at $2,029.45, down 0.38%


Bitcoin at $27,413.36, down 0.66%
Ethereum at $1,821.09, down 0.98%
BNB at $311.43, down 0.04%
XRP at $0.4231, down 0.33%
Cardano (ADA) at $0.3624, up 0.51%

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