Thought Leaders Advocate For Pan-Europe Public Blockchain

While individual blockchain endeavors have spun up from Lithuania to Switzerland, there is an effort to create a far-reaching blockchain that will span Europe.

  • The European Commission and the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union are slated to meet in Brussels on April 10, 2018, for Digital Day 2018, a opportunity to advance innovation in a more global sense.

    It’s an opportunity for high-level stakeholders in the fields of digital technology and telecommunications to discuss overarching plans for artificial intelligence, health care, and digital identity. A public blockchain for these purposes could advance the welfare of underserved populations, stem the flow of human trafficking, empower citizens to manage their medical records, and improve the overall flow of data and communication.

    With a goal of transcending borders and boundaries to create a unified technology that would better serve the public, members of the European Parliament, Jakob von Weizsäcker and Eva Kaili, will join the conversation, alongside policymakers from Poland, Slovenia, and the Netherlands. 

    The Brussels event will track back to last year’s agreements as well, from Digital Day 2017 in Rome, surveying progress in the fields of high-performance computing, digital transformation of jobs and skills, digitization of industry, and connected automated mobility.

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