Woman goes blind and her skin ROTS OFF after horror allergic reaction to antibiotics

THIS is the horrific moment a women went blind and her skin rotted off after an allergic reaction to antibiotics in Turkey.

Cilem Kelleci, 31, went to the Gazi State Hospital in Ilkadim district of the Turkish city of Samsun complaining of a urinary tract infection in February last year.

She claims she made it clear to doctors that she was allergic to antibiotics, but said that they gave her an antibiotic treatment anyway.

Shortly after, Celim says she was unable to see and felt huge lumps of skin falling off her body as a result of an allergic reaction that almost killed her.

She said: "At one point, they told me that they were going to have to remove my right eye."

She was then transferred to a private hospitalwhere she was told she needs surgery to save her eye right eye, and that she only has 20% usage of her left eye.

Doctors fear that if she leaves the surgery for too long it will be too late to save her right eye.

But the treatment isn't cheap and will set Cilem back a whopping £9,000.

Celim says she is planning to sue the hospital, but believes she cannot wait until the outcome as even if she wins the lawsuit, the money from it may not arrive in time.

Speaking on her ordeal, she added: "I am 31-years-old and I'm terrified that I will become a prisoner of the darkness."

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