Why is Texas Governor Greg Abbott in a wheelchair?

REPUBLICAN Greg Abbott as been governor of Texas for nearly six years.

Abbott faced fierce scrutiny for reversing the Lone Star State's mask mandate on March 10 and completely reopening its economy, with President Biden calling the move "neanderthal thinking".

Why is Governor Greg Abbott in a wheelchair?

Abbott has been in a wheelchair since he was 26 when a freak accident paralyzed him from the waist down.

Back in July 1984, Abbott was jogging after a storm and an oak tree fell on him, causing him to need two steel rods implanted into his spine and undergo extensive rehab at the TIRR Memorial Hermann in Houston, TX.

According to his website, the recovery process reminded him of his life lessons including perseverance. The accident has not stopped Abbott from having a successful career in politics.

Who is Greg Abbott?

The 63-year-old governor is a University of Texas at Austin graduate who later earned a law degree from Vanderbilt Law School in Tennessee. After graduation, Abbott became the Attorney General of Texas and served from 2002-2015.

During his time as AG, he filed 31 lawsuits against former President Barack Obama and has since gone against most views of the Democratic party. Following his service as AG, he then became the 48th governor of Texas.

Recently, Abbott confirmed that he was in favor of signing a bill that would allowed citizens without a permit to carry a handgun, he also publicly stated that he would sign the Texas transgender sports bill that would prevent transgender youth from competing on teams of their gender identity.

Is Greg Abbott married?

Abbott is married to Cecilia Abbott.

The two wed in 1981 and have been together for 39 years.

Cecilia is part of the Republican party and was historically recognized as the first Hispanic First Lady of Texas since 2015. Cecilia is the granddaughter of immigrants from Mexico and was raised in San Antonio.

Before getting into politics, she was a teacher and former principal.

The two share a daughter, Audrey who is recently a college graduate of the University of Southern California.

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