When was President Biden on Parks and Recreation?

PRESIDENT Joe Biden made two memorable guest appearances on the hit NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation.

Fans were reminiscing about his cameos as Biden became the 46th president of the US on January 20.

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What was Biden's first appearance on Parks and Recreation?

Joe Biden first appeared on Parks and Recreation during the fifth season in 2012.

The hilarious scene was filmed in July of that year but aired after the November election, according to Screen Rant.

Leslie Knope, the lead character of the show played by Amy Poehler, meets Biden during the episode and is very enthusiastic.

"My name just came out of your mouth," a star-struck Knope says to Biden during the meeting.

Knope volunteers to take Hillary Clinton's position, but the vice president politely declines during the short and awkward meeting.

What was Biden's second appearance on Parks and Recreation?

Joe Biden also appeared on the series finale of Parks and Recreation in 2015.

During the episode Leslie is invited to Joe Biden's house at some point in the future.

Parks and Recreation aired from 2009 to 2015.

Why are people remembering Leslie Knope on Inauguration Day?

Social media users remembered Leslie's interactions with Biden as he took the oath of office on January 20, 2021.

One user posted a picture of Knope lying on the ground.

"BREAKING : blonde woman, identified as Leslie Knope, faints at joe bidens inauguration," the Twitter user wrote on Inauguration Day.

"It's over," Parks and Recreation co-star Adam Scott wrote with a picture of Leslie dancing.

The people behind the Twitter account of Parks and Recreation also paid tribute to Leslie and Biden.

"Leslie Knope is doing great. Thanks for asking!" the show tweeted on January 20.

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