'Wheel of Fortune' fans have mixed feelings about some of the changes made to the show

Wheel of Fortune kicked off its 39th season on Monday, introducing a few changes to the show that viewers definitely noticed. The updates include a colorful new set, more screen time for the show’s announcer, Jim Thornton, updated music and some tweaks to the gameplay.

“Can you believe this is Season 39? It's incredible,” host Pat Sajak said to kick off the show. “You'll notice some changes in the studio. I thought I caught a glimpse of that Thornton guy on the way out. A few little tweaks in the game, but it's still Wheel of Fortune. We're going to have a great time. Let's get to it.”

The changes come after the departure of executive producer Mike Richards, who left amid controversy last month. They also come after the announcement that part of the contract renewal for Sajak and Vanna White that keeps them on the show through 2024, includes the stipulation that Sajak will now serve as a consulting producer on the show. And one of his first orders of business was taking the final spin away from himself, and giving it to the contestants.

“The final spin goes to whoever has control of the wheel,” Sajak explained during the episode.

Viewers watching at home had plenty to say about the new changes and took to social media with their thoughts, ranging from loving it all to not loving any of it.

Whoa. The new Wheel of Fortune set is something else. I like it!

— PBF2.0 (@PBF2_0) September 13, 2021

Wheel of fortune changed a lot of the music and sets today. It is messing with me

— Dak is currently wack, get vaxxed (@MavsATX) September 14, 2021

@WheelofFortune for the love of God please never play that new toss up music again

— Steven Iglesias (@Stigg00) September 14, 2021

The new music on @WheelofFortune is distracting & just plain bad.

— That5280Lady (@that5280lady) September 14, 2021

They changed the music on Wheel of fortune and I am incredibly distraught

— meg 🍄 (@mushm0on) September 14, 2021

This new music on #WheelOfFortune SUCKS.

— Matt (@lugia222) September 14, 2021

Not a fan of the new set.

— patti720 (@patti4000) September 14, 2021

@WheelofFortune took the final spin away from Pat Sajak, made the set early 2k neon blue, & has weird new music

Me right now: pic.twitter.com/lBIkke9Ykw

— Jessica Hunsberger (@MissHunsberger) September 13, 2021

And while not everyone is a fan of the changes for Season 39, we can think of one person who definitely is: Monday’s big winner, Allison, a teacher from California who took home over $81,000 in cash and prizes.

Wheel of Fortune airs weeknights, check your local listings.

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