Wales' exam ban is the result of the latest Covid hysteria – what the hell are we doing to our kids?


THE almost criminal neglect we are inflicting on our children as a result of coronavirus hysteria and unnecessary national lockdowns continues at pace.

The extreme left-wing Welsh Labour government’s announcement that it is scrapping ALL GSCE and A-level exams for ALL students NEXT SUMMER is a disgraceful kneejerk decision with long-term consequences.

Another year of children who have done nothing wrong and are under virtually no threat of becoming ill from this coronavirus being damned by institutional failure and political scare mongering.

What the actual hell?

How can the parents of Wales accept this madness?

What is the justification of such a stupid policy?

Surely we should all agree that children and young adults need to be protected most from the hard edges of a failure to learn to live with this virus?

If you’re like me, I’m sure you are aware of children in your own life who have been deeply psychologically scarred by the impact of the coronavirus lockdown.

Being taken out of school for months on end, the fear of Covid being inflicted by a cacophony of maddening new rules and now a ban on sport have all caused significant harm.

Ofsted today revealed research showing that over half of schools said children had fallen behind” in “personal, social and emotional development”, while four in five believe mathematics and literacy skills have been hit.

The closure of pre-schools has seen some youngsters regress to the point of wearing nappies.

For teenage students, Ofsted reports horrifying incidents of of self-harm and a steep increase in eating disorders.

What are we doing to our kids?

The timing of such a damaging decision by the Welsh Labour government seems especially off, given yesterday’s positive news that US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine has so far been 90 per cent effective.

While I agree it’s not a silver bullet, it should at the very least put a pause on long-term decisions that will cause even more damage.

After eight months of complete hell for most of the population, politicians should be doing everything possible to liberate us as quickly as possible.

I am terrified that scientists and government decision makers will use the prospect of a vaccine to enforce even more draconian lockdown restrictions and further curbs to our civil liberties on us over the next six months.

That would be desperately silly.

Coronavirus kills. But lockdowns do too. Perhaps in significantly higher numbers over the next five years when the true damage becomes clear.

Vaccine or not, our poor kids cannot be put through another six months of the country remaining shut down.

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