Vladimir Putin’s pal’s daughter dies aged 17 after ‘bleed on the brain’ as investigators probe death

THE teenage daughter of one of Vladimir Putin's closest separatist allies has died after reportedly suffering a bleed on the brain because of a "medical error".

Russian state investigators are probing the death of Ekaterina Katya Tsarova, 17, after her father – former Ukrainian MP and pal of Putin Oleg Tsaryov- announced her passing.

The teen was a student at a leading UK  independent school, and a picture shows her previously at Gordonstoun – Prince Charles’ alma mater in Scotland.

In an emotional post, her father Tsaryov said that his daughter died last month but he was so crushed he waited 40 days to announce it. 

The 51-year-old claimed his daughter succumbed to uncontrolled bleeding on the brain due to a “medical error” and said Russian state investigators were now looking into her death. 

"When your child dies, it seems that you or a part of you is dying," the wealthy businessman said.

“You die with your child, and you regret not being in their place.  You are already dead inside, although you may still seem alive outside.”

The separatist leader added: “My daughter died. I couldn't protect her. I will never forgive myself for this.  Part of me lies and hugs her in the grave. 

"Part of me is still alive, but strives to die faster and meet her. Hug her."

"It would be easier if I believed in an afterlife…I’m not as strong as I thought."

Friends suggested Ekaterina had finished school in Oxford before visiting Dubai and returning to Russia this summer. 

But an ally of her father’s posted:  "The ‘hero of the Russian Spring’ (2014) and my friend Oleg Tsaryov's 17-year-old daughter Katya has died. 

“She had attended Gordonstoun, an elite British school.”

Tsaryov angrily hit back at online comments saying his daughter’s death may be drug-related or suicide, saying she had complained of headaches for a number of weeks.

He told one commenter: “God will punish you and your kids for the lie." 

And he later wrote: “For several weeks (Katya) complained of headaches, and specialists of a private clinic carried out all tests and examinations, but did not make the correct diagnosis.

"If they had not been mistaken, then Katya could have been saved. They could have pumped out the  – they could pump out the haematoma. 

“The disease was identified only after autopsy.  Now the case is under forensic examination.

“If the doctors are found to have been negligent, a criminal case will be started. The case is under control of the Russian Investigative Committee.”

Tsaryov said he was so upset that he only managed to announce her death 40 days afterwards. 

The grieving father-of-four lives in Crimea after being annexed by Putin from Ukraine seven years ago.

He was sanctioned by the EU after calling in 2014 for breakaway regions Donetsk and Luhansk to be united in a pro-Putin breakaway statelet called Novorossiya.

Wanted by Kyiv police for promoting separatism and violence, he served for a time as speaker of a putative parliament for Novorossiya. 

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