UK weather forecast LIVE: Coldest May in 25 years predicted by former BBC and Met Office expert as warm weather turns

BRITAIN is set to feel the coldest May in 25 years according to weather experts as the mercury plummets following a hot end to April.

Following a balmy weekend of weather that saw London become hotter than the Algarve, the UK is set to feel cooler temperatures and even a risk of frost.

Talking to the Mirror, former BBC and Met Office meteorologist John Hammond says the UK's weather "will go into reverse" this week.

He said:  “The mercury will go into reverse, with a cooler trend to end April. Fresh waves of Arctic air mean a good chance, even across southern Britain, of temperatures falling close to or below freezing."

Mr Hammond added: “One or two wintry showers are not ruled out later in the week, most likely on higher ground in the North.”

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  • Joseph Gamp

    Umbrella’s at the ready

    Weather forecasts from WXCharts also show a large plume of snow sweeping in over Scotland and northern England on Thursday 5 May.

    High winds of up to 62km/h (39mph) will then move across the country on Friday 6 May, while western and northern parts can expect speeds of 75km/h on Saturday 7 May.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Snow on the cards?!

    Advanced weather modelling maps show that the UK could be in for some shock flurries of snow at the start of next month.

    The first band of snow will sweep in across the north of Scotland late on Friday April 29, before moving down the north-east coast of England on Saturday, April 30.

    May then begins with widespread snow across the United Kingdom, with flakes falling in the south of England and Wales on Sunday and Monday, May 1-2.

    Snow will hit Scotland in the early hours of May 1, starting in Inverness, Aberdeen and Edinburgh before slowly moving southward throughout the day.

    Newcastle, Manchester and Birmingham could follow with millions of Brits in northern and central England set to see some of the white stuff.

    Unfortunately, the potential dumping is too far away for the forecaster to predict exactly how many inches we can expect to settle on the ground.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Tips to help you stay healthy in changing weather

    The unpredictable weather means its sunny one day and rain the next. The morning breezes and evening storms, mean it’s difficult enough to match your wardrobe to the forecast.

    Here are a few tips to ramp up your health when the weather begins to wreak havoc on your health:

    1. Drink up – Fresh fruit juices rich in vitamin C are a great way to kick your immunity-fighting ability into gear
    2. Clear the air – Decluttering and look at investing in a a high-efficiency HEPA filter. It can also go a long way in reducing the presence of dust
    3. Exercise outdoors
    4. Rest – Aim for seven to eight hours a night; sleep offers the body a chance to rest and repair, strengthening your immune system
    5. Mind the weather—and your wardrobe
  • Joseph Gamp

    Expect easterly winds dragging in winds from the North Sea

    Speaking about the weather next week, Met Office meteorologist Luke Miall has said: “High pressure starts to drift towards the north of the UK this weekend allowing lower pressure to develop to the south of the UK.

    “This means we start to see an easterly feed to our winds and with this it will turn cooler over the next few days.

    “We will continue to see easterly winds dragging in the winds from the North Sea and this will peg back temperatures through the rest of this month.

    “It will start to feel that little bit colder particularly if you are on the eastern side of the UK where we will see those cooler winds coming in from the North Sea.”

  • Joseph Gamp

    Cool days ahead

    Jim Dale from the British Weather Services said cooler weather next week will coincide with plenty of dry conditions, despite some rain.

    He told “[Early next week, there will be] cool days – cold mornings with some patchy frost but plenty of dry.

    “Sunshine will be increasingly hard to find.

    “May dawning anything but summer-like and there is possible snow in the far north in early May.”

    Mr Dale added conditions will start “turning more changeable/wetter with time”.

    As next week progresses, western areas are likely to be the warmest, according to forecasts.

    Cloud will, however, cover large parts of the UK.

  • Joseph Gamp

    UK weather outlook for Tuesday and Wednesday

    A mostly cloudy day on Tuesday, with early sun for southern England but with showers for northern and eastern England and Scotland through the day.

    A cloudy start on Wednesday for northern and eastern areas, with the chance of a shower; sunny spells in other areas. A cloudy and mostly dry afternoon.

  • Joseph Gamp

    April 28 – 7 May forecast

    The start of this period is most likely to be dry with variable cloud and some clear and sunny spells.

    Frosty mornings possible after colder nights for inland and rural areas.

    Most areas remaining dry, but showers possible in the north, and later the far south.

    Likely to be breezy in the southwest, and the south at times. The start of May is most likely to be settled across much of the UK with clear or sunny spells under an area of high pressure.

    Most places remaining dry, but a few showers are likely at times particularly for the north and east, where they could be heavy.

    Winds generally light with the greatest chance of strong winds probably along the east coast. Temperatures near to or slightly below normal.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Tuesday to Thursday forecast

    Mainly fine, with variable amounts of cloud but also some spells of sunshine, with the warmth tempered by the continuing breeze.

    Temperatures close to average, but with chilly starts possible.

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