Trump discussed 'pardoning himself' while Congress pushes for 25th amendment or impeachment after US Capitol chaos

DONALD Trump reportedly discussed pardoning himself while Congress pushes for a 25th amendment or impeachment following the Capitol chaos.

The outgoing president may pardon himself before he leaves the White House, two people with knowledge of the subject told the New York Times.

He also reportedly asked advisers for their advice and what the impact would be on him both legally and politically.

If Trump were to pardon himself, he would be the first president in history to do so.

The president has also reportedly considered pre-emptively pardoning his family, including his children Donald Jr, Eric and Ivanka.

Attorney Rudy Giuliani and senior White House adviser Jared Kushner were also being considered.

Presidential pardons only apply to federal law and do not protect the individual from state crimes, however.

A White House spokesman did not respond to the Times' request for comment.

However, several members of Congress have called for the president to be forced to step down before January 20.

The calls came after Capitol broke out in the Capitol on Wednesday as lawmakers met to certify the results of November's election

Hundreds of people stormed the building, leading to a lockdown and citywide curfew.

At least four people died and several others were seriously injured in clashes after rioters fought cops and pushed their way inside the political hub.

After lawmakers were allowed back into the building, a joint session of Congress reconvened and an electoral college count of 306 for Biden and 232 for Trump was certified.

A statement was then released from the White House in which the president pledged an "orderly transition" on January 20.

However, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Adam Kinzinger have all called for the 25th Amendment.

In calling for Trump's ouster, Pelosi termed the president "a very dangerous person who should not continue in office."

Schumer said he and Pelosi called Mike Pence to urge him to remove Trump via the 25th Amendment but Pence's office said the Vice President would not be taking their call after a lengthy period on hold.

High profile Democrats AOC and Omar, however, have joined the swelling tide calling for Trump to be forcibly removed from office.

Rep Omar has published articles of impeachment for introduction, urging colleagues: "We need to move quickly to remove this President from office."

However, the Times reported that it is unclear whether Trump has brought up the possibility of pardoning himself since Wednesday.

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