Students get down and dirty with epic foam party as they celebrate historic annual tradition

HUNDREDS of students got down and dirty today as they took part in an epic foam fight tradition.

The soapy scenes were held to mark Raisin Monday – an annual celebration at the University of St Andrews in Fife, Scotland.

Nuns, Romans and tartan-clad Scotsmen were among the costumes on show as students were lathered in snow-white froth.

One couple could be seen kissing through the crowd as others surfed the creamy white waves at shoulder height.

Raisin Weekend sees students celebrate a weekend of festivities with their mentors, playing pranks and silly games.

The tradition dates far back into the university's history and comes after so-called “children” freshers gave their academic “parents” a pound of raisins to thank them for welcoming them to St Andrews.

In true tradition, freshers donned embarrassing costumes today as they were let loose on the Lower College lawn for an enormous shaving foam fight.

They were then given a good soaping – all to say thank you to their older pals.

Self-styled Mohicans stood high in the air as pals clung to each other laughing.

And not a dry costume was in sight as clothes were left sodden in the suds.

The University of St Andrews was founded in 1413.

Nowadays it is more common for freshers to thank their seniors with a bottle of wine.

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