‘Soho Karen’ arrives in LA, still claims Keyon Harrold Jr. stole her iPhone

“Soho Karen” Miya Ponsetto arrived back home in California with a drink in hand — and still blaming a black teen for stealing her misplaced iPhone.

The 22-year-old with a history of DUI arrests was sipping from a small plastic cup with a lemon on the side when she got off her flight Sunday from the Big Apple, where she was hauled to face attempted robbery and assault charges for her viral phone fury.

Amazingly, she still clung to the claim that the 14-year-old son of jazz trumpeter Keyon Harrold stole her phone at a Manhattan hotel last month — even though it later emerged to have just been left in an Uber.

As she walked to her car, Ponsetto was asked by a Daily Mail videographer, “Why did you think that kid took your phone? Because he was black?”

“No, because he did,” Ponsetto insisted with a chuckle. She remained mum, however, when asked if she was racist or had a drinking problem.

Her claim contradicts her own lawyer who had insisted “she is sorry,” and blamed the attack on Ponsetto being a “scared girl” who “lost her mind for a hot minute.”

Ponsetto was allowed home after being granted supervised release during her first appearance in New York, where she was also charged with endangering the welfare of a child and grand larceny in the fourth degree.

She is also being probed for allegedly smashing a door at an Airbnb apartment with a fire extinguisher on the same day as her meltdown at the Arlo Hotel, sources confirmed to The Post.

Ponsetto has been ordered to stay away from Harrold and his son and is next due in Manhattan Criminal Court March 29.

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