Six-month-old baby's horror burns after distracted nurse left her in scorching hot bath while treating her for pneumonia

A SIX-month old baby was left with horror burns after a distracted nurse left her in a scorching hot bath.

Little Juliana Anastacio was being treated for pneumonia in Getulinho Hospital, Rio de Janeiro, when she suffered the trauma on Tuesday.

According to police, a nurse washing Juliana got distracted as she filled up her bath, adding more water until the temperature reached 50C — well above the recommended 36C.

Her legs, groin, bottom, genitals and part of her stomach were burned, leaving her swaddled in bandages.

An investigation by the Legal Medical Institute confirmed that hot water was the most likely cause.

According to the family's lawyer, Pedro Rocha, Juliana's mum Luara dos Santos had been at home showering when her daughter was burned.

When she rushed back to hospital, she found her daughter in bandages and a plastic surgeon was also called to inspect her wounds.

Mr Rocha said the baby had been admitted to hospital with pneumonia and although she was suffering seizures, the hospital had tried to discharge her.

In a statement, the hospital said they “deeply regret what happened”.

They added: “We are providing all the necessary assistance to the patient and the family, as well as cooperating with the police investigation.”

The statement also said that “management will take the appropriate measures”.

Cops say the nurse involved has been identified and gave a statement on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Juliana is said to be sedated in hospital in a stable condition.

Police in Brazil are investigating along with the Legal Medical Institute.

Chief Luiz Jorge Rodrigues said the crime was registered as a serious bodily injury, but it could also be categorised as criminal negligence.

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