Prince Andrew's servants had sketch of exactly where his five teddy bears needed to be positioned on his bed at palace

PRINCE Andrew ordered flunkies to arrange five teddies and soft toys in specific positions on his bed every night.

A sketch shows how a teddy holding a heart, other ­cuddly toys and cushions with “Daddy”, “Ducks” and “Prince” on them should be arranged.

The Duke, 61, would “scream and shout” if they were not in order at Buckingham Palace, an ex-royal cop tells ITV’s Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Paedophile.

A royal source who has seen the handwritten guide said the list included two hippos and a black panther to be specially set out.

They said it tells staff a specific way of making his bed, including arranging three cushions called “Daddy”, “Ducks” and “Prince”.

The sketch shows precisely where to place his blankets, all five ­teddies and a fur — ordering that its ribbons must hang off his bed.

Father-of-two Andrew is said to be in “turmoil” after the Queen stripped him of royal titles as he faces a sex-abuse trial.

His bedtime demands are sure to embarrass him as he prepares to give sworn testimony against claims by Virginia Giuffre that he abused her when she was 17 — which he vehemently denies.

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Andrew lives with his former wife Sarah Ferguson at Royal Lodge in Windsor, but kept a suite of rooms at the Palace for overnight stays when he was working in London.

It is believed the contents of his bedroom were packed up and moved out during recent renovations.

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An insider said: “It’s hilarious a Prince of England would want his teddies on his bed. You can imagine him crying, ‘Mummy, they haven’t put the hippos on my bed!’ to the Queen if anyone got it wrong. Maybe they were presents from his daughters or Fergie, but it’s still strange.”

The laminated instructions — titled “DOY bed: Points for turn down & making the bed” — were kept near the Duke’s Buckingham Palace bedroom.

Staff wrote: “When the DOY is staying overnight, place one small teddy & cushion in the turn down.

“When making the bed, place the teddy & cushion next to the teddy on the left- hand side with the necklaces on.”

Underneath in capital letters, it stresses: “Do not loose (sic) the teddy & cushion!!”

The accompanying sketch shows a “Teddy holding heart” must be placed on the left-hand side of the bed’s headboard.

The instructions say Andrew must have a grey hippo teddy on the right-hand side of the bed and a black panther half way down.

Another hippo teddy must be placed on a green throw at the foot of the bed.
Paul Page, who worked in the Royal Protection Command from 1998 to 2004, claimed he saw Andrew’s bed piled high with stuffed toys when he had access to his private apartment.

He will tell an ITV documentary Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Paedophile tonight: “It had about 50 or 60 stuffed toys positioned on the bed and basically there was a card the inspector showed us in a drawer and it was a picture of these bears all in situ.

“The reason for the laminated picture was if those bears weren’t put back in the right order by the maids, he would shout and scream.”

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Virginia Roberts Giuffre claims she was forced to have sex with Andrew in 2001
Paul Page worked in the Royal Protection Command from 1998 to 2004

Royal biographer Angela Levin said: “The fact they (teddies) have to be in certain positions is almost like he has given them orders.

“It is hugely embarrassing as here is a man who flew helicopters in the Falklands War and was in the Royal Navy for more than twenty years and the country was very proud of him.

“Yet here is an incredible ­insecurity as he needs to have his teddies by his side. Perhaps he is very lonely.”

Andrew, who faces calls to be evicted from 31-room Royal Lodge, quit royal duty in 2019 amid links to dead paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

That year, author Elizabeth Day said the Duke had a teddy bear “proudly propped up on a chair outside his office, given to him as a wedding present by his wife”.

In 2010, Andrew revealed: “I’ve always collected teddy bears.

“Everywhere I went in the Navy I used to buy a little teddy bear, so I’ve got a collection from all over the world of one sort or another.”

The Palace and the Duke were approached for comment.

‘Toys suggest he still sees himself as being child’

By Jo Hemmings, behavioural psychologist

IT’S perfectly acceptable to keep one childhood teddy for sentimental reasons — but a little concerning he’s got a whole collection on his bed.

His behaviour would certainly imply someone who is unwilling to let go of his childhood.

You would suspect there was something missing emotionally which meant depending on soft toys as comforters.

It implies a possible emotional detachment with people.

He may have issues in making good, strong emotional connections with people and invested his emotional attachment in his collection of toys — especially as they are sitting on his bed rather than on a shelf.

This may suggest, perhaps, he still sees himself as a child and does not have the accountability or responsibility an adult should have at that age.

His anger at the bears not being arranged in the right way also could be indicative of both OCD, a deep desire to have order, and a potentially unhealthy emotional attachment to his childhood toys.

Also, a sense of entitlement that they should be arranged in just the way he likes them and if they are not, he gets angry.

It is indicative of someone who hasn’t taken responsibility for being an adult and is likely to lack empathy.

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