Porch pirate with a BABY is caught stealing a package

‘Put that back!’ Porch pirate with a BABY is caught stealing a package and he gets a shock when a neighbor catches him in the act

  • Man tried to steal an individual’s Amazon package in the United States on Wednesday
  • The man held a baby as he crept up the stairs and attempted to escape with the package to a waiting vehicle  
  • He was thwarted by a neighbor who witnesses the incident  
  • He then pretends to be on a walk with the baby before leaving the area  

A man holding a young baby was caught trying to steal a package from someone’s home this week.

The surprising moment was captured on home surveillance footage taken in the United States. It’s unclear which city the incident happened in.

Footage shows the man approaching an individual’s porch steps before sparing a look for any possible onlookers.  

A man carrying a baby attempted to steal someone’s Amazon package from their front porch this week 

The man picked up the Amazon package from beside the grill and attempted to make a quick getaway to a waiting vehicle 

While holding a small baby, the man sneaks up the porch steps and turns his attention to an Amazon package left near a grill.  

The man tries to make a quick escape, but it startled when a neighbor’s voice sounds from nearby

‘Hey! Put that f****** back!’ the neighbors shouts. 

A neighbor spotted the porch pirate and yelled ‘Put that f****** back’ as the man tried to run off with the package 

The man then pretended he was taking the baby for an afternoon stroll before leaving in a vehicle

The porch pirate then nonchalantly tosses that Amazon package back onto the front porch. 

‘I am putting back,’ the man answers. ‘It was just somebody else’s.’

The man then begins to bounce the child in his arms and pretend he was simply out for an afternoon stroll.

‘Beautiful day for a walk,’ he adds, before returning to an idle car parked in front of the home.  

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