National weather forecast: Mostly clear conditions heading into weekend

National weather forecast, May 7

Adam Klotz has your FoxCast.

Largely calm conditions are in place across the U.S. as the week comes to an end – however, there are a few spots to watch.  

To start, scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected Friday in the Midwest. That precipitation will then move into the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions. 

In the Central Plains, thunderstorms will develop on Friday and Saturday. A slight risk for severe weather is in place for Kansas, with tornado, wind and hail threats.  

The threat of severe weather in Kansas on Saturday. (Fox News)

After an active start in March to the spring severe weather season, the number of tornadoes has been well below average.  


As for temperatures, highs in the 50s and low 60s are expected for the Midwest to the Northeast, while the Mid-Atlantic will be 10-20 degrees below normal through the weekend.  

Expected high temperatures for Friday. (Fox News)

Farther west, temperatures will be warm from the Rockies to the desert southwest Four Corners region and the High Plains, with widespread 80-degree forecasts. 

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