MSNBC host likens Trump to 'the abuser' and Chris Wallace and Joe Biden to 'the abused' after chaotic debate

AN MSNBC host likened Donald Trump to "the abuser" and Chris Wallace and Joe Biden to "the abused" after Tuesday night's chaotic presidential debate.

MSNBC's Nicole Wallace blasted President Trump's performance shortly after the fiery 90-minute debate.

Footage of Nicole condemning the president was shared to MSNBC's Twitter at 10.54pm on Tuesday night and has been viewed more than 139,000 times.

Speaking to her fellow news anchors, Nicole said: "Chris Wallace did not act as a moderator, Donald Trump did not act as a debater.

"Donald Trump was the abuser, Chris Wallace was among the abused.

"Also among the abused, his opponent, who had a debate challenger who was cheating."

She also insisted the president was not following the rules which both campaigns consented to.

"The debate moderator didn't hold his feet to the fire," Nicole added, referring to Wallace, a political Fox News journalist who was chosen by the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates to moderate the event.

Wallace was criticized for "losing control" of Trump and Biden.

In response to people suggesting "there was nothing he [Wallace] could do," Nicole said: "Try driving down the freeway in a rainstorm with an eight-year-old in the back, screaming.

"There's always something you can do."

One example, she said, would be to take the iPad out of the car and "throw it out the window."

She added: "There is always something you can deprive a misbehaved child of – and in this case it was Donald Trump's desperate need for the oxygen of airtime."

The "trainwreck" debate between Trump and Joe Biden consisted of constant bickering and interrupting.

Nicole said Trump's way of debating wouldn't win over a "suburban woman" and moms across America.

"This felt like an assault. It felt like an assault on our senses," she continued.

"It felt like an assault on our presidential campaign process. It felt like another assault on our politics."

Her comparison of Trump to a child is similar to what CNN host Don Lemon said on Wednesday.

Lemon said: “I felt like I was watching a kid whose doctor had prescribed him too much Adderall."

Meanwhile, Biden and Trump frequently talked over each other with the president interrupting, so often that Biden eventually snapped at him, "Will you shut up, man?"

The president also refused to condemn white supremacists who have supported him.

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