Moment binman lets out high-pitched squeal and legs it as rat drops from bin and runs straight at him

THIS is the moment a binman let out a high-pitched squeal and legged it as a rat gave him the fright of his life after dropping from a bin.

The routine pick-up in Glasgow was all going to plan – until the rodent dropped from nowhere and the refuse worker jumped out of his skin.

In amusing footage, he stands at the side of the lorry, pulling the lever to empty the contents of an overflowing bin.

But as it flips upside down, the rodent drops from it and lands on the ground right in front of him.

The terrified worker shouts "Ooh" and jumps up to avoid the rat which scarpers across the road.

But as it runs towards his workmate who is standing off in the distance, he lets out a far more high-pitched scream before making a rapid dash out of the way.

The man filming chuckles away and shouts "watch, it's going for you."

GMB Union shared the footage on their Facebook and said: "Rats have become a common occurrence in cleansing more so over the last years but now and then they can give you a laugh listen to the to GMB cleansing workers reaction is priceless.

"Brilliant keep up the good work. In solidarity."

The post attracted a number of likes and shares as punters laughed at the workers' misfortune.

One said: "Just another day in the life of the clenny."

Another joked: "Welcome to the rat race."

Another added: "I swear I would die."

It can be amore serious matter and we told last month how a Glasgow binman was rushed to hospital after being attacked by a rat while he was working.

The refuse worker was on Kinfauns Drive in Drumchapel when he was scratched by the rodent on Saturday.

He required a tetanus jab after the scratch to his arm and was treated in hospital.

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