Meghan Markle was 'problematic' for Royal Family – but Prince Harry 'loved her dynamism'

MEGHAN Markle was viewed as "problematic" by the Royal Family – but Prince Harry "loved her dynamism," it has been claimed.

Royal journalist Omid Scobie said the Duchess of Sussex did not "fit" the Royal institution, but "that's what made her so exciting" to the Duke.

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Scobie, who recently released the book 'Finding Freedom' about Meghan and Harry, said many tried to extinguish Meghan's "very problematic" work ethic.

Speaking on his podcast, The Heir Pod, he said: "Harry loved her dynamism, it’s what made her so exciting to be a team mate with and I think it was that and the things that we often celebrate about Meghan internally just didn’t fit in with the way things were done in the institution.

"I think rather than anyone try to accommodate that different work ethic it was quickly seen as something very problematic and something that many tried to extinguish through leaking stories to the press or generally making the couple's lives difficult internally."

Scobie recently claimed the Duchess of Sussex had been branded "Duchess Difficult" by palace insiders.

And he suggested things may have turned out differently for her and Harry – who quit Royal life in March – had Meghan "done everything by the book".

He told ABC foreign correspondent Maggie Rulli: "There’s no more pragmatic family than the royal family. I think they are capable of having positive and healthy relationships with anyone.

"But as we’ve seen, this wasn’t necessarily about relationships between royal family members and Meghan, this was about the institution of the monarchy and how they supported Meghan.

"I think had Meghan have come in and done everything by the book rather than ever come up with her own ideas or challenge a way of working or bringing in her own ideals, than it may have been very different.

"But that’s not obviously what we can realistically expect from a human being."

Hinting at their recent megabucks deal with Netflix, Scobie said the pair's break from royal life has helped them "thrive" in a way no one has seen before.

The pair's latest venture could earn them up to £200million once bonuses are factored in.

PR guru Jonathan Shalit estimated the couple would earn a signing fee of up to £75million with the deal skyrocketing to potentially $250million – equal to almost £190million – with bonuses as the productions began to be rolled out.

The Duke and Duchess, who have never produced a TV show, will make documentaries, films, scripted and kids’ programmes as part of the deal.

The couple, who quit royal duties in March and now live in the US, said they wanted their “impactful” output to “unlock action” and “give hope”.

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