Matt's entertainment! Hancock's new love is crypto currency

Matt Hancock’s latest reinvention bid falls flat: Critics quip rollneck loving-disgraced ex-Health Secretary ‘looks like he’s entering the fires of hell’ as he launches crypto career – after half-naked Serpentine swim and pound shop Milk Tray man gaffes

  • Matt Hancock, 43, has declared his love for cryto currencies in a new video clip 
  • He called it ‘force for good’ in front of footage of gigantic fake burning fireplace
  • Mr Hancock is now well-known for many different guises and unusual interests
  • They have included his roll-neck jumper, wild water swimming and parkour 

Reinvention king Matt Hancock has revealed his new love of crypto currencies as ‘a force for good in the world’ in a toe-curling promo in front of a giant video of a fire.

The former health secretary, 43, left his now-familiar non-MP outfit of jeans and a black turtleneck top at home for the occasion, instead donning a suit and tie.

But Mr Hancock – who was caught cheating on his wife with his aide Gina Coladangelo – sparked ridicule with the footage posted on his Twitter feed.

Some remarked the dingy surroundings and fake fire made it ‘look like he was entering the fires of hell’.

While another quipped ‘Matt Hancock probably thinks Crypto is Superman’s dog’.

Mr Hancock’s crypto chat, in which he appeared to be at one point looking at a screen, was made to the previously-widely-unknown London Crypto Club.

He told the guests, who could only be seen in shadow, that: ‘Cryptocurrencies are a force for good in the world. Bad people are going to use all sorts of currencies and have since currencies were invented.

‘That is also true of cryptocurrencies. But the advantage of a currency that is based on the blockchain is that if you get the regulatory piece right, then you get more transparency, not less, and the FBI have recently proved this in the states, which was excellent.

As Health Secretary Mr Hancock was one of the stern faces of Britain’s pandemic response

Mr Hancock has been compared to the Milk Tray Man over his black turtle-neck top outfits

Online critics ridiculed Mr Hancock’s crypto drive and questioned his expertise in the field

‘So when it comes to things like sanctions, you can see the flow of money.

‘And of course, there are dark corners that make this more challenging, but the mass market is a force for good, and so, there is a need to be making this argument.’

The video took many by surprise, including some critics, who decried Mr Hancock’s digital credentials.

One opined ‘It looks like he’s speaking from the pits of Hell’, while a further asked ‘Who would have known that it would be Matt Hancock to single-handedly make crypto so uncool he saved humanity.’

Mr Hancock’s new foray into the digital currency comes just days after Rishi Sunak announced an HM Treasury NFT.

But it comes in the wake of numerous different activities and looks for the former minister.

Since the end of his tenure as health minister, Mr Hancock has appeared to have embraced casual clothing and some more off-beat activities.

In February, speaking to The Diary of a CEO podcast, he said he ‘fell in love’ with Coladangelo after bringing her in to work with him. 

Matt Hancock caught on camera having a passionate clinch outside his Whitehall office with aide Gina Coladangelo

Matt Hancock finds himself in cold water as he enjoys London’s Serpentine after a run

Culture Secretary Matt Hancock once posted a video of him trying out parkour by jumping off concrete blocks

Mr Hancock is also a big runner and has shown an unusual attitude to getting over low fencing

He told the podcast host, entrepreneur and Dragons’ Den investor Steven Bartlett: ‘It actually happened after the rules were lifted, but the guidance was still in place. I resigned because I broke the social distancing guidelines by then. 

‘They weren’t actually rules. They weren’t the law. But that’s not the point.

‘The point is they were the guidelines that I’d been proposing. And that happened because I fell in love with somebody.’

A month earlier he was seen after he peeled off the layers for a dip in Hyde Park’s icy Serpentine lake at 7.45am in morning. 

But he has always been keen to get involved with new activities.

In 2020 he was seen trying out parkour – where participants try to get from point A to point B in the most fluid way possible – when he was culture secretary.

And he has also demonstrated a love of music in an historic Tweet.

He posted: ‘Ed Sheeran has been amazing for the music industry this year and the whole album is fantastic but ‘Galway Girl’ is probably my favourite song from it.’

 Former Chancellor George Osborne once said of him: ‘Sometimes people say about Matt that he’s too Tiggerish, too like Tigger in Winnie-The-Pooh.

‘Frankly, that is all about his youth and his energy and his enthusiasm, and in a political system that is full of Eeyores we could do with a few more Tiggers.’ 

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