Maskless Wuhan revellers party in packed nightclub as world suffers and Covid cover-up probe kicks off

PACKED crowds in the Chinese Covid epicentre of Wuhan have been pictured partying with no masks on, while the rest of the world battles the pandemic.

Revellers can be seen in close proximity of each other without any face protection or social distancing in place.

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This is in stark contrast to a year ago when the pandemic broke out in Wuhan.

Since the outbreak in the Hubei province city, the killer virus has spread around the globe and killed more than a staggering 1.8million people.

There has been claims that the virus escaped from Wuhan bat lab and China covered it up, which they vehemently deny.

A World Health Organisation team is in China to study the allegations, but critics claim they are toothless and they haven't been allowed to probe security at the virus lab.

But the Chinese city seems to have recovered with "no new cases since May," and nightclubs re-opened in December.

Almost 3,900 of China's officially 4,634 recorded Covid-19 deaths occurred in the industrial city, although the actual death toll could be larger than that.

This was followed by wild New Year celebrations which saw locals swarm the streets in their droves with seemingly no regard to the virus.

In an interview with Reuters, one partygoer said they felt "liberated" by the clubs being open again.

Zhang Qiong, 29, said: "After experiencing the first wave of epidemic in Wuhan and then the liberation, I feel like I'm living a second life."

The scenes couldn't of been more different around the globe, where most major cities are shut down and still dealing with the effects of the virus.

Iconic venues such as the London Eye and New York’s Times Square were empty at midnight as no live audiences were allowed due to coronavirus restrictions.

Despite Covid cases across the globe rising and many still awaiting a vaccine, Wuhan has defiantly vowed to hold more wild parties.

With disregard to the rest of the world's plight, citizens of Wuhan told the West they "better get used it".

A story published by the Global Times, which is largely seen as a mouthpiece of the Beijing government, read: "More gatherings, celebrations will be held in Wuhan; West should get used to it."

When Telegraph columnist Allison Pearson recently asked on Twitter how the Chinese have achieved this without a vaccine, she was criticised by Wuhan locals.

Yang Zhanqiu, deputy director of the pathogen biology department at Wuhan University, told the Global Times on Sunday: "As a journalist, Pearson should better relate China's experience in controlling the epidemic to her countrymen and government to help the UK control the spread of the virus, instead of being jealous and hostile about Wuhan's celebration."

Wuhan doctors have alleged that they were forced into silence so celebrations could take place for last year's New Year celebrations.

A bombshell new ITV documentary reveals Covid was spreading like wildfire for 12 days from January 5, 2020, but the Chinese government reported no new cases.

'Outbreak: The Virus That Shook The World' outlines a cover-up by the Chinese government authorities from the start of the outbreak including how the Lunar New Year celebrations were allowed to go ahead.

One of the medics said he feared it would become a mass super-spreading event once it was clear the virus could be transmitted between humans.

He is filmed saying "they shouldn’t have allowed any gatherings" but says "we were told not to speak out".

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