Man takes clown to his redundancy meeting

Hearing you’ve lost your job is never a nice experience.

But one New Zealand man found a way to cushion the blow, by inviting a ‘support clown’ to accompany him to a redundancy meeting.

Josh Thompson, an aspiring comedian, knew he was being let go from his copywriting job when he received an email from his bosses inviting him to discuss his role with them.

They offered him the opportunity to bring a ‘support person’ to the meeting, as is required in New Zealand law.

Dreading the bad news, Josh decided to hire professional clown Joe Brosnahan, 26, for the day, paying him $200 (£100) to come into his office.

Joe, an actor and freelance videographer, usually works the children’s party circuit, the NZ Herald reports.

During the meeting, he lightened the mood by making balloon animals – although he was asked to stop several times as bosses struggled to talk over the noise of the plastic.

But when Josh finally heard he was being let go, he said the clown nodded along as if ‘he was also receiving the bad news’.

Joe also mimed crying when the redundancy paperwork was handed over.

At the meeting’s end, Josh found himself jobless, but armed with both a poodle and a unicorn balloon animal instead.

He told the BBC: ‘If you’ve got family, friends, stepmums, stepdads, step-kids, bring them by all means. But if there’s a clown available, especially Joe, I’d definitely recommend it.’

Joe told the NZ Herald it was not the weirdest job he’d done – but said it certainly made his ‘top 10’.

He added: ‘I just politely said farewell to him and wished him all the best with trying to find a new job and just left it at that.’

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