Killer dad Chris Watts reveals grisly details of pregnant wife’s murder

KILLER dad Chris Watts revealed grisly details of his pregnant wife’s murder in a bombshell prison letter, according to reports.

Watts, 35, reportedly detailed the gruesome slaying of Shannon Watts in one of his prison letters – and he also revealed that he'd been thinking about killing her for "weeks."

The wife killer is currently serving multiple life sentences in a Wisconsin prison for the savage murder of Shannan and two young daughters, Bella, four, and Celeste, three, on August 13, 2018, in Colorado.

"Her eyes filled with blood; as she looked at me and she died. I knew she was gone when she relieved herself," Watts recalled in a bombshell letter to author Cheryln Cadle, which was obtained by the Daily Mail.

Watts – who had been having an affair with his co-worker Nichol Kessinger – indicated in these letters to Cadle that he thought about killing his family in the days leading up to their deaths.

He reportedly wrote that he surreptitiously gave Shannan the opiate painkiller Oxycodone to kill their unborn child, telling Cadle: "I thought it would be easier to be with Nichol if Shanann wasn’t pregnant."

Describing her death, Watts wrote: "When she started to get drowsy, I somehow knew how to squeeze the jugular veins until it cut off the blood flow to her brain, and she passed out."

“I knew if I took my hands off of her, she would still keep me from Nikki. They asked me why she couldn’t fight back, it’s because she couldn’t fight back.

"All the weeks of me thinking about killing her, and now I was faced with it.

Cadle included Watts' correspondence in her book “Letters From Christopher," which is due to be published Wednesday, October 7.

She visited Watts in prison three times for research and they wrote to each other.

In these letters, Watts admitted that he unsuccessfully tried to smother their young daughters after an argument with Shannan, using "a pillow from their bed."

He wrote that the little girls both regained consciousness and got out of bed bruised and traumatized after he had killed Shannan, who was 15 weeks pregnant.

Watts said he knew he would kill them on August 12 but "did nothing to stop it" and felt "mad" when he discovered they were still alive after his murder attempt the next day.

The terrified children found Watts wrapping their mom in a bed sheet, the letter said.

Watts said he told them Shannan wasn't feeling well before dragging her lifeless body down the stairs and into his truck.

He then drove his dead wife and two frightened daughters to a remote oil field owned by his former employer, Anadarko, bringing his lunch, a shovel, rake, and gas can with him, the Mail reported.

After dumping his wife's remains on the ground, Watts smothered little Celeste with her own blanket while her sister watched before dropping her body through an eight-inch hatch in one of the oil tankers.

Watts told Cadle that "little quiet Bella had a will to live" and was the only one to put up a fight against him, saying "daddy, no!" as he killed her.

He insisted both of the girls were dead when he dropped them in the oil tankers.

Shannan's cause of death was strangulation while an autopsy found crude oil in Bella and Celeste's throats, stomach and lungs.

Watts previously told investigators that Shannan's killing was a spur-of-the-moment crime of passion and didn't admit to planning it.

Initially, he told cops that he had flown into a rage and killed Shanann after falsely claiming she had strangled their daughters.

The letter is the first time he's acknowledged killing his kids.

Watts later pleaded guilty to all three killings and his mistress Kessinger has been taken into witness protection in another state.

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