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AS the fifth series of Love Island draws to a close, it’s time to reflect, ponder, meditate and then give all of them a playful but well-deserved slap.

Because you’d hardly describe this year’s intake as “lovable”.

In fact, with the odd exception (Francesca), they’ve probably been the most cliquey, manipulative, fork-tongued and spineless bunch so far.

The abundance of storylines they’ve produced, though, means Love Island remains a television phenomenon. So let’s not pretend I don’t need the show every bit as much as the Love Islanders deserve the low-grade abuse contained in this quiz, which (sort of) tests just how closely you’ve been watching. Answers at foot of page.

1. Who was Curtis referring to when he said: “You are gorgeous. You are beautiful. You are literally a star?”
A) Amy.
B) Maura.
C) His own reflection in the pool.

2. Complete Maura’s sentence. “I’ve only ever slept with . . . ”
A) “ . . . camp, overweight dancers.”
B) “ . . . five people.”
C) “ . . . Munster, Leinster and half of Connacht.”

3. Tommy said: “I believe life’s a test.” But what did he think was “the prize”?
A) £50,000.
B) Love.
C) A Nissan Primera.

4. What is the name of Tommy and Molly-Mae’s cuddly elephant toy?
A) Ellie-Bellie.
B) Trunky-Wunky.
C) Growy-Uppy.

5. Who or what was Arabella talking about here? “Downward dog, inhale and I’m into the plank.”
A) Danny.
B) Anton.
C) Yoga.

6. What sex position did Harley tell Chris was her favourite on their very first day as a “couple”?
A) Upended traffic warden.
B) Reverse cowgirl.
C) Disorientated civil servant.

7. What words appear directly above Caroline Flack’s name in the end credits?
A) “Excess baggage”.
B) “Work experience”.
C) “Presented by”.

8. Before entering the villa, Anton joked: “I’ve got this serious medical condition.” What was it?
A) Wandering eye.
B) Slappable face.
C) Dickitis.

9. Who did Michael describe as “a real-life hero”?
A) Barack Obama.
B) The Queen.
C) Himself.

10. Complete Anna’s sentence. “Is it right that no matter where you are in the world, you’re looking at . . . ”
A) “ . . . the same moon?”
B) “ . . . the same s**t, different day?”
C) “ . . . the same gormless prong in the mirror?”

11. Molly-Mae said: “I feel in a few years’ time we won’t have enough doctors, nurses, dentists. Kids these days don’t want to study.” What does Molly-Mae do for a living?
A) Cardiothoracic surgeon.
B) Chair of Moral Philosophy at Christ Church college, Oxford.
C) A social sodding media influencer.

12. Who did Yewande say she hates watching on television?
A) Sir David Attenborough.
B) Iain Stirling.
C) Witless a***holes sunbathing on ITV2.

13. Joanna laughed: “I’m going into the villa for . . . ”
A) Tom.
B) Dick.
C) A culturally rewarding experience.

14. What does Jourdan think Barcelona is?
A) A Spanish city.
B) An Italian city.
C) A bar in Celona.

15. Who were the first two people to enter the villa?
A) Amy and Amber.
B) Anna and Lucie.
C) Jacob Rees-Mogg and Shami Chakrabarti.

16. Having told a distressed Amy, “You’re better than that (Curtis). A proper f***ing joke”, what did Maura do next?
A) Blanked Curtis.
B) Quit the villa in disgust.
C) Got off with Curtis.

17. What did George do before entering the villa?
A) Human statue on London’s South Bank.
B) Played Kurt Von Trapp in a touring production of The Sound Of Music.
C) Builder.

18. What fact was Belle astonished to discover about Edinburgh?
A) It has more listed buildings than anywhere else in the UK.
B) It’s in Scotland.
C) Hibs have actually won the Scottish Cup since Edward VII died.

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