Gun-slinging ‘Hello Kitty’ gang princess shot dead alongside her drug kingpin dad in bloody last stand with cops

A GUN-SLINGING gang princess dubbed 'Hello Kitty' has been killed during a shootout with cops alongside her drug kingpin dad.

Rayane Nazareth Cardozo da Silveira, 20, was shot in the head on July 16 by police in a bloody battle and died beside her gangster father.

Cops took out the father-daughter duo on Friday morning as the drug gang reportedly held a family hostage.

Regarded as one of Rio de Janeiro's most wanted criminals, Cardozo da Silveira was being sought in connection with a string of armed robberies and homicides in the Brazilian capital.

Despite her innocent nickname, Hello Kitty was considered the second-in-command of a criminal organisation led by her father, Alessandro Luiz Viera Moura.


Police were called to the Complexo do Salgueiro in the municipality of Sao Goncalo at around 6am on Friday, amid reports a family were being held against their will.

A shootout ensued between cops and members of the gang, seeing neighbours stuck in their homes as they feared being struck by a stray bullet.

Cardozo da Silveira was eventually shot dead along with her dad and two other suspects.

Police say Viera Moura controlled the drug trade in Salgueiro while his 20-year-old daughter dealt with the day-to-day running of the operation.

Hello Kitty was well-known on Rio's local nightlife scene and enjoyed flaunting her wild lifestyle on social media, often sharing pictures of herself posing with guns.

In one image, she is seen cradling her bump as she appears to be pregnant. It is not known where her child is.

Brazilian authorities carried out a similar sting to catch Cardozo da Silveira and her father two years ago, but they had managed to elude cops until the shootout, according to the news site G1.

Shocking images showed the bodies of the pair, along with other gang members, piled on top of one another in the back of a police van.

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