Group of 6-year-olds sketch hit-and-run driver for German police

These young sleuths weren’t kidding around.

A group of 6-year-olds assisted in a police investigation in Germany by sketching for cops a scene involving a hit-and-run driver whom they witnessed smash through a road barrier.

Police in the west German city of Hamm hailed the four youngsters — Luisa, Romy, Celina and Luis — for the drawings that they say are officially “part of the investigation file.”

The youngsters were on their way to their elementary school Wednesday morning when they spotted the rogue motorist in a black car crash into the barrier and flee.

“The driver with short blonde hair didn’t care about the damage caused and kept driving,” police wrote in a Facebook post.

Once the kids arrived at school, they reported the incident to their teacher, who notified the authorities.

The children had sketched out for police two different scenes based on their memory showing the at-large driver in the vehicle.

Police posted those two images to Facebook.

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