Gran lets badgers and foxes lick her pans clean overnight to save on washing up

A GRAN is removing stubborn stains from her dirty pots and pans by letting foxes and badgers lick them clean overnight.

Hilary Wright, 73, says she was fed up with struggling to keep the cookware shiny until she hit upon the idea.

It came to her after she left some old pans out in her garden and noticed how spotless they looked thanks to the visits from woodland creatures.

Gran-of-five Hilary, from Bath, said: “They always come back in pristine condition.”

She reuses the kitchen kit every time family visit — and she claims even her three sons are happy eating from them after a quick rinse with soap.

Hilary told The Sun: “Tougher stains sometimes take a few nights to come out — but it beats having to throw dishes away.”

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