Former Republican Senator Jeff Flake endorses Joe Biden

Former Sen. Jeff Flake has endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, the former vice president’s campaign said Monday.

Flake (R-Ariz.), who retired from the Senate early last year, will deliver remarks later on Monday as part of the launch of the “Republicans for Biden” effort featuring two-dozen GOP former members of Congress.

The former senator was an early and frequent Trump critic during their few overlapping years in Washington DC, becoming more vocal in his disapproval of the commander-in-chief after announcing he would not seek re-election.

His speech Monday will focus on why he has decided to support Biden over Trump, who he did not vote for in the 2016 race.

Also featured as part of the “Republicans for Biden” coalition are Sens. Gordon Humphrey (R-NH) and John Warner (R-Va.), as well as Reps. Steve Bartlett (R-Tx.), Bill Clinger (R-Penn.), Tom Coleman (R-Mo.), Charlie Dent (R-Pa.), Charles Djou (R-Hawaii), Mickey Edwards (R-Okla.), Wayne Gilchrest (R-Mary.), Jim Greenwood (R-Pa.), Bob Inglis (R-SC), Jim Kolbe (R-Ariz.), Steve Kuykendall (R-Calif.), Ray LaHood (R-Ill.), Jim Leach (R-Iowa), and Susan Molinari (R-NY).

Citing a Biden campaign official with knowledge of the “Republicans for Biden” effort, which is part of the campaign’s national voter outreach effort, Fox News described the endorsements as a “strong rebuke” of President Trump and his administration.

“These former members of Congress cited Trump’s corruption, destruction of democracy, blatant disregard for moral decency, and urgent need to get the country back on course as a reason why they support Biden,” the Team Biden source told the outlet.

“These former Members of Congress are supporting Joe Biden because they know what’s at stake in this election and that Trump’s failures as President have superseded partisanship,” they continued.

In December, the Arizona Republican penned an op-ed urging his former GOP colleagues to vote “yes” on impeaching President Trump, warning that those who were complicit to his alleged wrongdoings “cede our constitutional responsibilities [and] set the most dangerous of precedents.”

The news comes ahead of the first day of the 2020 Republican National Convention, where President Trump is expected to make appearances in some capacity every night of the week.

During last week’s Democratic National Convention, Republican former Gov. John Kasich endorsed Biden over his 2016 presidential rival.

Standing at a literal fork in the road near his Ohio home, the CNN contributor urged listeners to vote for Biden, saying that Americans are “being taken down the wrong road by a president who has pitted one against the other. [Trump is] unlike all of our best leaders before him who work to unite us.”

A representative for Flake could not immediately be reached by The Post for comment.

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