EuroMillions results history and lottery draw prize breakdown explained

BRITS hoping to win some money have an opportunity to bag a massive £176 million jackpot with the EuroMillions draw on Friday, February 19, 2021. says the odds of picking the five correct main numbers and the two lucky stars is 1 in 139,838,160 – here are the people who managed it.

Lottery draw history and prize breakdown

EuroMillions was launched on February 7, 2004, by lotteries in France, Spain and the UK – with the first draw being held in Paris six days later.

In October of that year, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland joined.

Draws are held every Tuesday and Friday evening, with them all taking place in Paris at 8.45pm local time – 7.45pm in the UK.

You will choose five main numbers and then two lucky stars (numbers), with prizes ranging from around £2.50 up to the jackpot.

The prize values vary depending on ticket sales and the number of winners in each prize tier.

On February 16, 2021, the prize breakdown was:

  • 2 main numbers = £2.60
  • 2 main numbers and one lucky star = £3.10
  • 1 main number and two lucky stars = £4.40
  • 3 main numbers = £5.70
  • 3 main numbers and one lucky star = £6.00
  • 2 main numbers and two lucky stars = £8.70
  • 4 main numbers = £21.30
  • 3 main numbers and two lucky stars = £35.50
  • 4 main numbers and one lucky star = £60.70
  • 4 main numbers and two lucky stars = £666.50
  • 5 main numbers = £9,440.70
  • 5 main numbers and one lucky star = £137,339.50
  • 5 main numbers and two lucky stars = £157,644,778.00 – Jackpot!

The breakdown for February 19 is expected to be a bit higher – with a £176 million jackpot.

Players are given 180 days to make claims on prizes but if nobody hands over the lucky ticket then the cash will be handed to good causes.

In September 2020, a single person who bought a ticket in South Ayrshire just managed to claim their £58m winnings before the deadline expired – after their numbers were called in March.

The last winner came from the UK on October 27, 2020, meaning the jackpot was reset.

The punter scooped a £79million jackpot and has decided to remain anonymous.

Here is what the jackpot was set at and the winning numbers (main ball numbers; lucky stars)

  • Tuesday, October 27 – £79,315,197; 13-15-28-32-44; 03-12
  • Friday, October 23 – £70,979,568; 10-15-19-21-23; 03-12
  • Tuesday, October 20 – £59,778,232; 05-06-15-37-42; 03-04
  • Friday, October 16 – £49,383,832; 15-33-40-50; 03-06

What is the biggest jackpot in the history of EuroMillions?

The biggest ever jackpot to be won is €190million, which has been won by four different people – including two from Great Britain.

The Bayford couple – Great Britain

Adrian and Gillian Bayford scooped the €190m (£148.7m) jackpot on August 10, 2012.

Adrian, 41 and 40-year-old Gillian from Haverhill in Suffolk became instant multi-millionaires, but their winnings was only the second highest in Britain thanks to the conversion rate.

The Weir couple in Scotland scooped €185m a year before, turning into £161.6m.

Since their win, the Bayfords have divorced over the "stress" of the win, but as of 2019, Adrian had moved to a £1.2m farmhouse in Perthshire to be close to his ex-wife and two children, Aimee and Cameron.

The winning ball numbers were 11-17-21-48-50 and the lucky stars were 9-10.

Portugal winner

The Portuguese winner of the €190 million (£149.8m) jackpot bought the ticket in Castelo Branco, near to the Spanish border.

The lucky numbers were drawn on October 24, 2014 – but they chose to stay anonymous.

Their winning ball numbers were 3-9-20-30-42 and the lucky stars were 1-6.

Spain winner

Someone from Las Palmas in Gran Canaria became the third winner of the enormous €190million (£170.8m) jackpot.

Aside from the British winners, the identities of foreign EuroMillions winners are largely unknown.

But with the destination a tourist hotspot, it is unknown whether the winner is a local resident or holidaymaker.

Their winning ball numbers were 1-9-15-19-25 and the lucky stars were 1-7.

Peter Wilson – Great Britain

Peter Wilson won the €190m (£170.2m) jackpot in October 2019 – making him richer than the likes of England striker Harry Kane and the Sussexes.

But little is known about the multi-millionaire.

The winning ball numbers were 7-10-15-44-49 and the lucky stars were 3-12.

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