Dark web drug dealer sold narcotics to teen who fatally overdosed: feds

A dark web drug dealer pleaded guilty Thursday to peddling more than $7 million in narcotics online — including to a Canadian teen who suffered a fatal overdose.

Chukwuemeka Okparaeke copped to importing synthetic opioids from China, selling them on the darknet, and lying about the proceeds, according to prosecutors.

He admitted shipping three grams of a synthetic opioid known as “pink” to an 18-year-old in Vancouver, Canada, who died after using the product in November 2016, officials said.

As part of Okparaeke’s plea deal hammered out in White Plains federal court, in Long Island, he agreed to forfeit $7,298,000 in bitcoin he earned from the illicit trade, officials said.

Okparaeke allegedly conducted more than 7,000 sales on the website AlphaBay Market, accessible only by using special software that masks users’ identities and internet histories.

He shipped the synthetic opioids, also known as fentanyl compounds, via the United States Postal Service, authorities said.

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