Cow gets stuck on roof after it walks up snow 'ramp' which then melts

Don’t moo-ve! Cow gets stranded on ROOF after it walks up snow ‘ramp’ which then melts in Mongolia

  • The cow’s owners tried to use a forklift to get the stuck bovine off the roof 
  • Attempts to get the skittish cow down caused it to run onto neighbouring roofs
  • Damaged tiles can be seen to rain down as the cow trots along the roofs  
  • Eventually, the cow jumped down from the lowest point without any injuries 

This is the moment a group of people in Inner Mongolia tried to rescue a cow that had gotten stuck on the roof of a building.

The footage, posted on YouTube on December 28, shows the cow’s bemused owner together with other locals as they stand around trying to work out how to get the cow down after the snow that formed a ramp onto the roof melted as quickly as it had come on Christmas Day. 

The snowfall had been extremely deep at the location in the prefecture-level city of Tongliao in the east of the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia and had then been shovelled to the side against the building to clear the road.

A cow got stranded on a roof in Mongolia after heavy snowfall on Christmas day shovelled into a pile formed a temporary ramp, which soon melted, leaving the adventurous bovine stuck 

However, in being shovelled to the side, it then formed a ramp onto the roof, which was walked up by the curious cow.

Once there, it refused to come down and remained stuck when the snow quickly melted.

At one point, the owner of the stocky animal drove a forklift over in an attempt to bring the cow down, but the surefooted bovine ran away onto neighbouring roofs to keep out of reach.

The cow’s owners tried using a forklift and hay to tempt the bovine down, but to no avail

Even when several people turned up to try to catch it, it kept running out of the way, smashing the tiles, which can be seen falling down the incline and dropping onto the floor.

The property owners were less than impressed with the cow’s antics, and after failing to drive it towards the forklift, they also tried to catch it by offering it hay.

In the end, they left the cow to minimise the damage to the roof, and the cow solved the problem itself when it went to the lowest point on the roof and successfully jumped to the ground, apparently without injury.

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