Cop smashes man's head through car windscreen after thug tried to headbutt him outside Irish Tesco store

THIS is the moment a cop smashed a man’s head through a car window in self-defence after the thug tried to headbutt him while being arrested.

Shocking clips show the officer taking action as the suspected thief attempts to lash out at him outside a Tesco store.

Gardai confirmed they arrested a male following a report of a theft and assault at the supermarket in Dublin last Friday.

The dramatic CCTV footage shows the male attempting to headbutt a garda outside the store as the cop attempts to detain him.

But the suspect had his head smashed through the window of a Mercedes-Benz by the cop after ­trying to loaf him.

In a video posted online, a group can be heard reviewing the incident.

One man watching the footage can be heard roaring: “He’s out cold he is, he’s out cold, he’s out f***ing cold.”

Another said: “Will you send that (the CCTV) to me, send that to me.”

One says: “I’ll get it later on.”

A man can be heard saying: “The cheeky b*****d knocked me glasses off.”

As the group watch the video back, one said: “F***ing deadly, wasn’t it?”



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Then a second man said: “Get on the ground you c***, you f***ing c***.”

Another said: “Even on the ground he tried to get up and he was ­spitting at them (the guards) and all he is, trying to f***ing kick them, he is.”

As they continued to review the footage, a man said: “Oh my God! Look at the window. I’d say he had a bad headache.”

A man said: “We pressed the panic alarm button and all by then.

“And f***ing they (the guards) still never came round. Only for them two coppers were round getting something to eat, from the station maybe.

“A customer said to them there’s trouble round there, there’s a lad kicking the door.

“I tell ye, he messed with the wrong f***ing copper anyway.”

When asked for comment about the video, a garda spokesman said: “Gardai arrested a male following a report of a theft and an assault at a shop on Aungier Street on the 3/02/17.

“The male was brought to Kevin Street Garda Station where he was charged in relation to the incident and bailed to appear before the Criminal Courts of Justice later this month.”

The Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission said it could launch an investigation into the garda’s ­conduct.

A GSOC spokeswoman said: “This matter has not been referred to us by the Garda Siochana at this point. It may not meet the criterion of ­serious harm required for such a referral. If GSOC receives a complaint from this person or a direct witness to the incident, it will of course be looked into.

“The Ombudsman Commission may also consider whether the matter should be investigated in the public interest.”

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