Conservative minister reveals his wife has breast cancer

James Cleverly reveals his wife has breast cancer: MP tweets a picture with wife Susie as they attend NHS clinic for treatment

  • Tory minister James Cleverly says wife Susie was diagnosed with breast cancer 
  • In tweet sent out today, Mr Cleverly said she will be treated at Guy’s Hospital 
  • Cancer is understood to have been discovered in early stages and Mrs Cleverly’s chemotherapy will start ‘next week’, according to her social media posts 

Conservative MP James Cleverly has revealed his wife has breast cancer as he shared a picture of the pair outside an NHS clinic ahead of her treatment starting. 

Susannah Cleverly said she was diagnosed with the condition two weeks ago and will receive treatment at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Cancer Centre in London.   

Mr Cleverly, 52, also shared the news in a tweet, telling his 106,000 followers that it was ‘horrible news to receive’ but praised the ‘amazing team’ at the cancer clinic. 

The Minister of State for the Middle East and North Africa reassured his audience that experts were confident his wife’s cancer was caught at an early stage. 

James Cleverly, 52, revealed his wife Susannah (right) was diagnosed with breast cancer two weeks ago. The couple are pictured outside Guy’s and St Thomas’s Cancer Centre in London

Taking to Instagram, Mrs Cleverly wrote: ‘Unfortunately 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. 

‘Luckily I caught it early and the medical professionals are confident that it can be successfully treated. So I am not going anywhere just yet!

‘I didn’t find a lump, I found puckering of my skin, fortunately I knew this to be a sign and went straight to my Doctor. 

‘I now am with a great team and start my treatment next week, starting with chemotherapy.

‘So, please, do check yourselves ladies and remember that it is not always a lump that can indicate breast cancer. If you find anything strange go straight to your GP.’

Hundreds of supportive messages from across the political spectrum have since flooded in for Mrs Cleverly as news broke of her diagnosis.

Stuart Anderson, MP for Wolverhampton South, said: ‘So sorry to hear this. Praying for a speedy recovery for Susie.’ 

Socialite Georgia Toffolo added: ‘I love Mrs Clev xxxxxxxxx sending so much love.’

The couple have been married for more than 20 years and share two sons together.

Susie Cleverly (left) revealed she discovered a puckering of her skin, which prompted her to seek the advice of her GP

It comes as news emerged more than one million women have missed out on breast cancer screening as a result of the pandemic.

Around 12,000 of them are now likely to have undetected breast cancer and could die as a result, according to analysis released yesterday by Breast Cancer Now.

The charity found that a backlog of 1,480,000 women needing mammograms had built up since national breast screening ground to a halt in March last year.

The scans are offered to women aged 50 to 71 every three years, preventing around 1,300 deaths and detecting 19,000 cases a year.

But the service was suspended for four months during the first lockdown, meaning a million fewer women had tests.

Even though screening has now resumed, the backlog has grown by half a million.

The service is still running at lower capacity due to chronic staff shortages and stringent infection control procedures due to the pandemic.

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